The Queen’s Speech: Security for Harlow families and economy says MP Halfon

Politics / Wed 18th May 2016 pm31 02:41pm

By Eric White

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon welcomed the Queen’s speech today (18th May) as important measures were announced to strengthen Harlow’s economic security, strengthen security for Harlow’s families, and strengthen the country’s security.

With jobs coming back to Harlow, the number of unemployment claimants in Harlow has gone down significantly.

There are 229 less people claiming unemployment benefits that last year and Harlow Council will now receive all local business rates to ensure that they have the money they need to invest and continue bringing jobs to the town.

On top of this, the Queen announced today more measures that will boost apprenticeships, ensure that everyone has the right to quality broadband, and invest in our roads and railways.

The Queen’s speech guaranteed security for our families by creating new schools, new universities and extra help for young people in care and those adopting children.

These measures will make sure that every child and young person will get the best possible education and start in life.

For Harlow residents seeking a home, the Government have pledged a million new houses and extra powers to give Harlow neighbourhoods more control to shape their own areas.

The speech also increased security for our country and for Harlow residents by securing a British Bill of Human rights and introducing measures to combat extreme Islamism and extremist propaganda.

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