EU Referendum: Harlow’s community leaders make the case to Remain In

Politics / Thu 16th Jun 2016 at 08:34am

Dear Harlow,

WE are writing as local businesses, health workers, educationalists, community workers and cultural ambassadors regarding the forthcoming referendum of Britain’s membership of the European Union. We care deeply about Harlow and strongly believe that our town will be stronger, safer and better off remaining in the EU.

As local businesses, we know that many Harlow companies have significant trade with Europe and nearly every company relies on our relationship with the European Union, if not directly, then via their supply chains and onward transport and sale of their goods and services. If we left the EU, we are concerned that it could put the prosperity of many companies at risk and even more significantly, put workers jobs and livelihoods at risk. Having just recovered from economic recession, the last thing we want to do is to put jobs and the economy at risk in our town, just when unemployment is going down and the economy is improving.

As health workers, we know that the NHS is massively supported by migrants from the European Union who work hard in our hospitals, care homes and doctors’ surgeries to care for all our residents. EU funding for research is also helping our country to fight against Parkinson’s, Malaria, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and many more life threatening diseases. We rely on these resources and workers from the EU to continue to provide our world class health-care to an ageing population.

As educationalists, we know that our students benefit from the ease of opportunities to travel and learn abroad through our place in the European Union, giving them a broader perspective for their education. The wider education system profits from significant investment that the EU provides to Universities and Further Education establishments for research and project funding. This helps us maintain our world class higher and further education system and filters down to improve the learning and aspirations of students of all ages. The latest available national figures for 2013-14 show that further education colleges received £57 million in European Social Fund (ESF) income and £18 million in direct European grants. This funding is very important to colleges as it provides free or subsidised training to help people to get better skills and improve their job prospects and it equips the workforce with the skills needed by employers.

As community workers, we know that Britain benefits from its relationship with the European Union through the grants and funding it provides to local organisations and projects, for example, the investment Harlow received from the European New Towns Partnership for research into alleviating poverty and improving employment. Workers’ rights are also protected by the EU, including paid maternity leave, guaranteed holiday leave, equal pay and anti-discrimination laws in the work place, ensuring that all in our community are fairly treated.

As cultural ambassadors in the town, we know that Harlow wouldn’t have the wealth of arts that it does if it wasn’t for the support and investment of the European Union. The EU has provided funding that established a sculpture trail along the River Stort and research projects that enabled our identity as a sculpture town and has supported our numerous galleries and art studios.
Given these considerations in each of our particular fields, we hope that Harlow and Britain will vote to remain in the European Union on 23rd June.



Hugh Maxwell, Chairman of Robert Stuart Ltd
Stuart Grant, CEO of Astro Lighting Ltd
Simon Rose, Owner of Rose Opticians
Murray Hudson, Managing Director of Gratnells Ltd
Tyler LeMay, Managing Director of Land Sheriffs
Briege Leahy, Co-founder and Managing Director of Luna Logistics
Mansue Fouladgar, Director of WheelPower
Wendy Catton, Owner of Shake, Wrap and Roll
Alan Marshall, Managing Director of Blueline Furnutre
Mary Parsons, Group Director of Places for People

Health Workers
Phil Morley, Chief Executive of Princess Alexandra Hospital
David Harrop, Chief Executive of Orla Healthcare

Professor Iain Martin, Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University
Karen Spencer, Principal of Harlow College
Helena Mills, Head of the Burnt Mill Academy Trust
Vic Goddard, Head of the Passmores Academy Trust
Michael Mckeaveney, Head of Sir Charles Kao UTC

Community Workers
Anne Wafula-Strike, Paralympian and Disability Champion
Neil Brierley, Batts Table Tennis Club of Harlow

Cultural Ambassadors
Yvonne Marrs, Harlow Author and Publisher
Roger Lee, Project Manager of Parndon Mill
Sally Anderson, The Gallery at Parndon Mill
Corrina Dunlea, Local Artist

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3 Comments for EU Referendum: Harlow’s community leaders make the case to Remain In:

2016-06-16 08:52:50

Normal subjects in the frame then,perhaps you should have all booked a place with Mr geldorf and contributed to the hand gestures that are widely publicised.

2016-06-16 08:55:42

I'm sorry this just doesn't wash the EU only benefits the political elite and their multinational chums. We have a right to self determination and by voting leave we will secure that.

2016-06-16 11:54:28

Carra, Google or go on wikipedia,better still companies house and look the signatories up and no surprises,yes i know they create jobs but what about zero hours contracts,lousy pay and let the goverment make ot up with tax credits etc Notice Robert has been keeping down lately in a hope of a better job when C and O go which should happen if the vote goes the right way,i feel a large change amongst people regarding politicians they are seeing what liars they are and that goes for all the main parties. Vote Out and watch Brexit the Movie on youtube.

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