The Effect – Rehearsal Diary Week 8

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The Effect is the production currently in rehearsal by the Moot House Players, directed by Harry Tennison. This diary covers their rehearsal process from the first week of rehearsals to the final night. The Effect follows Connie and Tristan as they are involved in a clinical drugs trail for a new antidepressant drug. The production runs at Moot Hall on the 7th, 8th and 9th of July, and tickets are available from www.moothouseplayers.com. This weeks entry is completed by the cast.

Tyrone Samuels, Tristan

As it’s coming up to show week the group as being running the play and tightening up scenes and characters.

 It has been great to watch everyone else in their respective scenes because you get a chance to step out of your bubble and view the show as an audience member.

 These couple of weeks I have been working hard on my characters linear story and the objectives I need to hit in each scene. Tristan starts off positive and ends back to a similar state although it’s quite intense in the way he’s dealing with being aware of himself, the trial and the feelings he has with Connie because of this strong confidence within himself.

 Tristan is quite physical with his body behaviour and mannerisms so hitting each marker respective to where he’s at mentally whilst keeping that high level of energy has been a great challenge for me to focus on.

 I feel I’m at a good place with Tristan and I have the time and space to make him interesting enough so I’m not showing him as an auxiliary part of the production.As it’s coming up to show week the group as being running the play and tightening up scenes and characters.

Photo courtesy of Toni Beeson.

Photo courtesy of Toni Beeson.

Sarah Randall, Dr James

So we are almost there. This week has been about consolidating lines, perfecting characters and getting used to props. Lorna and Toby’s relationship has now evolved and you can see moments of tenderness when they reminisce about their past, as well as how volatile their relationship must have been at times (and still is). The final touches are being added over the weekend, before dress rehearsals next week. Don’t forget to get your tickets now. This is not one to miss.

Photo courtesy of Toni Beeson.

James Miller, Toby

So here it is, what I suspect will be my last diary entry for this production. This week has seen us engage in our first full run of the play. This is always an exciting moment as you see the full structure of the piece for the first time but it is also the moment when you start to find little things you hadn’t realised, such as how quickly one of your scenes follows on from another and that you have what appears to be no time at all to do a circuit of the building in order to re-enter the stage in the right place! Nobody mentioned the need to be faster than Usain Bolt when I signed up for the production. Fingers crossed the rain has gone by the time we are doing this next week.

Photo courtesy of Toni Beeson.

Abbie Middleton, Connie

The week leading up to a show is always the most stressful time – you know your character, you know the staging, but those last few lines are just not sticking! Every spare moment is spent thinking about and reading your lines.

Now the scripts are out of our hands, however, we have so much more freedom within our characters. You can see all 4 of us have become more comfortable on stage and I know that with such brilliant actors we are going to put on a great performance.

Photo courtesy of Toni Beeson.

Photo courtesy of Toni Beeson.

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