Teenage girls from Harlow rescued from mud

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GilstonTWO teenagers trapped in mud were rescued after being found by police.

The girls, both aged 13 and from Harlow, had been following a canal walk from The Stow in Harlow but got into difficulty after walking through marshland off Eastwick Road, Gilston, on Monday August 22.

One of the girls called police on her mobile phone at 3.45pm but was not sure of their precise location.

Officers assisted by a police helicopter searched the area and they found one girl up to her waist in mud and the other up to her knees.

Two members of the public assisted officers by providing mooring ropes, which were thrown to the girls to tie around their waists. Attempts were made to pull them free but they were stuck too fast.

A broom handle and a shovel were used to help dig out enough mud from around them and they were helped out of the marsh. Both were pulled to safety by 5.15pm.

The fire service, Hertfordshire Constabulary and ambulance service were also called to the scene.

Paramedics checked both girls for injuries and one was taken to hospital with an ankle injury.

Pc Tom Lennon, one of the officers who attended the scene, said: “The girls had stepped off the main canal path and down a grass bank onto what they thought was a bridleway.

“Unfortunately they stepped into a peaty bog and one of the girls tripped, causing her to fall into the mud up to her waist.

“It was fortunate they had a mobile phone to dial 999 as they were not sure of their location and were found in a secluded spot.

“Luckily neither was seriously injured, but it is important for walkers to stay on established footpaths when exploring marshy or coastal areas of the county and to be vigilant, especially in areas you are unfamiliar with.”

Essex Police would like to thank all those who assisted with the rescue.

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