The Stow murder investigation: Some further thoughts………….

Politics / Thu 15th Sep 2016 pm30 05:38pm

1. Whatever happened to the dispersal order?

2. There were no bail conditions on those arrested. The reason given was that they live locally. What message does that send out?
We would hate to think that some may have appeared in the background on broadcasts.

3. Isn’t it time that all the media dispersed from The Stow (and yes that includes us) Let everyone get on with their lives?

4. Whatever happened to the Harlow Independent Advisory Group (IAG). This is a group representing the ethnic minorties across Harlow.
Not a peep out of them?

5. Why did it take the chief constable and the police and crime commissioner close to two weeks before they came to Harlow?

6. Will Harlow be getting any more warranted officers?

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tony edwards
2016-09-15 20:46:45

Having looked closely at the figures given on Police UK website I was concerned to find:- The Essex Police precept is only 42p per person per day – compared to the National average of 53p. Essex are the 3rd lowest spending authority per head of population. Essex has the fourth lowest number of officers at 2.9 per 1000 of the population Essex has second lowest number of PCSOs (second only to the City of London) at 0.14 per 1000 of the population. In Harlow I believe we now have only 7 PCSOs to cover the whole town. We have also seen the Essex Youth service devastated and the Magistrates and the County Courts closed. No wonder the people of Harlow are complaining about a lack of a visible police and justice presence within the town. People are not asking for a police state – but they nevertheless have the right to expect a service which is at least comparable to national averages in terms of levels of funding and size of the police force. The level of funding at its present level is simply unsustainable and it is having a corrosive effect upon our community. It puts into some context the recent tragic events at The Stow. It also explains why members of the public feel they are not getting a responsive Police service. This is not through any fault of the officers, they are simply being asked to do too much with too little. Please call upon our MP, the County Councillors and the Police Commissioner to state publicly their views as to the level of police funding within Essex, the numbers of officers and PCSO’s within Harlow and what, if anything, they intend to do about addressing the issues. Come to the Police and Crime Commissioner's Public Meeting in Harlow On Wednesday 21st September from 18.30 – 20.30 at the Griffon Suite, Latton Bush Center and speak directly to Roger Hirst the Essex Poice and Crime Commissioner

2016-09-16 12:52:47

Not to detract from the sad event at the Stow why are the police getting stuck trying to detect illegal fishing and fish theft,let the enviroment agency deal with it and get the coppers back on the streets and lets stop all the target driven policing along with all the other pc rubbish in the police force.

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