Active Harlow workshops to help sports clubs with business management and marketing strategy

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ACTIVE Harlow is running a number of workshops over the next few months, aimed at helping local sports clubs better manage the business and marketing side of their operation.

The workshops are open to anyone involved with a community sports club and will be relevant to those who have responsibility for, or involvement in, running their club either now or in the future.

More than one person from a club is welcome to attend so that knowledge and business skills can be shared within the club.

The Business Planning workshop is being held on the 28 September 2016 from 6.30pm-8pm. This workshop will help you put together a simple yet effective business plan for sports clubs to help plan a brighter future and take steps to reach their goals.

The workshop covers:

· What a business plan can do for your sports club
· Key players in developing a business plan
· A simple framework to support your planning
· Top tips on what to include in your plan and common pitfalls to watch out for

To book your place please visit: www.harlow.gov.uk/active-essex-business-planning-workshop-sports-clubs

The Developing a Marketing Strategy workshop is on 24 November 2016 from 6.30pm-8pm. The workshop will help sports clubs to develop knowledge that will aid in developing and delivering a successful marketing strategy.

This workshop covers:

· Shaping up your marketing strategy – what to consider
· Fit to follow framework – to develop your club’s strategy
· Methods to motivate – considering different marketing options
· Evaluating your efforts – focus your energy effectively

To book your place please visit: www.harlow.gov.uk/active-harlow-marketing-strategy

Both of these workshops are being held at the Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1WG.

For more information please contact Harlow Council Sports and Leisure Policy and Development Officer, Chris Purvis, on 01279 446435 or email [email protected]

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