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Embracing Culture within Society
By Nishall Garala

Where are you from? What is your background? These are questions regularly asked by those around us to better understand who we are. Our identity is made up of different factors such as our traditions, our values and most importantly our culture. In today’s British society, people come from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds and I am a perfect example. My parents are both Indian, while I was born here in England. The exposure to the mix of different cultures throughout my life has essentially formed who I am today.

As an Indian, I come from a land of many languages, bright clothes, colourful dances, food of every taste and much, much more. However, what impresses me the most about India is the people, more specifically the strength that they show in their everyday life. I saw this for myself when I went to India a few years for a holiday. On this trip, I met a lot of people that showed enormous courage as they battled life’s challenges for them. Despite their living standards, they were able to work together to make a sustainable colony where they grew their own vegetables, cared for farm animals and created clothes for money. It was just amazing to see how those who were seen as outcasts of a society were able to come together and create a life for themselves.

Through these two groups of people I have learnt what it means to be Indian, it is being able to work through the toughest situation, doing what needs to be done even when all the odds against you and most importantly never to give up.

Being a British citizen has also moulded my behaviour and the way I think. England is a very accepting country, where differences are celebrated rather than looked down upon. Multiculturalism is woven into the very fabric of our county and this has allowed me to grow not only in my culture but also learn about the cultures of others. As a result of this, I am much more open to the differences in people that I meet and am able to accept them without judging. It is our differences that make us unique and for many, our culture is that difference. I am proud of the cultures that define me because they both exemplify qualities of inner strength and tolerance, qualities that I feel are very important.

So as you read my blog today, I ask you how does your culture define you, and I also want to encourage more tolerance within society to accept other people and their traditions, cultures and beliefs and to embrace them as your own, and this will truly create a cohesive society everyone prolongs for.

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