Athletics: Richly deserved praise for Rich at Abingdon Marathon

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rich-hynesHARLOW Running Club member Rich Hynes completed the Abingdon Marathon in 62nd
place out of 693 finishers in a fantastic 2hrs 58min 14sec, a personal best time
for the distance (PB) by an incredible 46min 04sec.

Meanwhile at the Chelmsford Marathon Brendon MacLean finished in 25th place out
of 592 finishers in a superb 3hrs 06min 25sec, a PB by over 9 min and Darren
Tiley was 149th in 3.39.43, a PB by over 18 min.

At the Venice Marathon in Austria Andy Kinney finished in 4493rd place out of
4617 finishers in 5hrs 37min 18sec.

At the Great South Run, a 10 miler at Portsmouth, Wendy Spring finished in
3391st place out of 15,638 finishers in a PB time of 1hr 23min 27sec. She was
followed home by Spencer Brooks 3553rd in 1.23.55 in his debut at the distance,
Debbie Barry 3603rd in 1.24.05 and Paul Schroder 3928th in 1.25.11.

At the Harlow parkrun 5K Andy Terrell finished in 4th place out of 159 finishers
in 20min 02sec. He was followed by Terry Ridge 9th in 21.18, John Bull 13th in
22.32, Catherine Ridge 15th in 22.56, Paul Dixon 18th in 23.12, Andy Smith 28th
in 24.05, Alan Cootes 29th in 24.41, Ryan Smith 43rd in 25.49, Martin Elven 47th
in 25.54, Austin Nyamande 60th in 27.29, Terry Pike 66th in 28.03, Louise Cootes
71st in 28.35, Debbie Barry 72nd in 28.36 and Hossein Erfani 87th in 30.41.

At the Gunpowder parkrun 5K at Waltham Abbey Jamie Jephcott finished in 2nd
place out of 179 finishers in 18min 41sec. He was followed by Rick Ricketts 13th
in 20.11, Jamie Luck 28th in 22.21, Graham Saville 36th in 23.15, Michelle Hyde
51st in 24.11 (PB) and David Page 59th in 25.06.

At the Hackney Marshes parkrun 5K Adrian Fell finished in 20th place out of 164
finishers in 20min 05sec, Martyn Coulter was 22nd in 20.12, Sharon Wright 28th
in 20.41, Faith Jackson-Lee 45th in 22.20 (PB) and Alan Wellbelove 115th in

At the Hatfield Forest parkrun 5K Alan Broughton finished in 13th place out of
211 finishers in 19min 55sec.

At the Great Notley parkrun 5K at Braintree Owen Haigh finished in 6th place out
of 169 finishers in 20min 07sec and Jason Haigh was 11th in 20.38.

At the Ally Pally parkrun 5K Will Wall finished in 26th place out of 206
finishers in 22min 34sec.

At te Wanstead Flats parkrun 5K Brenda Clayton finished in 144th place out of
151 finishers in 36min 30sec.

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