Review: Prince Revelation at the Harlow Playhouse:

News / Mon 13th Mar 2017 at 10:00am

IN the middle of this concert, Prince Tribute artiste Mark Anthony asked the audience: “Are you enjoying yourself?” When people replied: “Yes!” He said: “Really?”

In this reviewer’s opinion, that may reveal that Mark did not believe he was at his best. He may have had a point. There were highlights, one of which was a tremendous encore with Purple Rain but on too many occasions you feel that he was performing at 40%.

But the audience really liked it and were up on their feet, dancing away and singing to the songs.

The band looked a bit semi detached as well. Yes, they could play the songs and they could play really well, but the Revolution were also pure theatre and these guys looked like a bunch of sessioners marking time.

And then there was the dancer that kept coming on. As you may know, Prince had a number of female members. Many were musicians such as Wendy and Lisa, Sheila E. Others sang such as Cat and Sheena Easton but this lady just danced like a pole dancer who happened to be a Prince fan. When she did sing along to Alphabet Street, she was very good and should have done more.

Like we said, the audience loved it but all we are doing is comparing this act to other tributes such as TRextasy and Simon and Garfunkel. If that is the standard then this one was, on this night, found wanting.

In conclusion, apart from Purple Rain, it was all a damp squib…

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