Review: The Last Romance by The Heath Players

News / Thu 16th Mar 2017 at 12:15pm

Last Romance

WE do enjoy going up to review the plays by the Heath Players. A pleasant drive out of Harlow, through Sheering and into Hatfield Heath.

We had read reviews of other performances of The Last Romance by Joe DiPietro which described it as a “slight tale” but we can reassure you that this production, directed by Tony Saxby, had a degree of depth and warmth to it, which was well worth the drive up the Sheering Road.

Much of the praise must also go to venerable, veteran actor Bernard Moule who produces the stand out performance as Ralph Bellini. It is a warm, poignant and very witty portrayal of the man from Hoboken, New Jersey. He manages to strike the right balance and tone as a man full of regrets but still full of hope and dreams.

He is ably supported by Jeanne Stance who plays Carol, whom Ralph meets in the dog park and builds up a rapport with. Carol again, shows a delicate touch in playing a woman, who might, just might not be telling the truth but whose heart is in the right place.

Renee Joyce plays Rose and has a lovely air of a loyal and protective sister of Ralph, whose romantic path is a winding one with just a few cracks in it.

We must also not forget Theo Rankine-Fourdraine, who on his first foray into acting, proves himself a wonderful singer. Well done young Theo.

There is no doubt that much of the success of this play has come from the direction by Tony Saxby. In other hands this could have come across as a heavy handed farce with a tendency to make it more like The Odd Couple etc. Tony’s subtle direction was very effective.

Finally, there is the cameo role by a little dog called Ruby who melted everyone’s heart in her portrayal as Peaches.

The Last Romance runs until Saturday.


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