Trial to improve state of roads in Harlow

News / Wed 22nd Mar 2017 at 10:42am


This year Essex Highways will trial the new and cost-efficient resurfacing technique in various locations across the county. Roads have already been identified in Castle Point and Chelmsford, with a number of other sites currently under consideration including Basildon and Harlow.

The trial involves patching individual defects, then applying a thin coating over the entire road surface, making it weatherproof and safer.

The aim is to reduce the length of time a road has to be closed for works, by avoiding associated costs like raising gullies, and to create a more attractive and longer-lasting surface.

The trial is due to take place this spring and summer.

Cllr Eddie Johnson, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, visited Alder Drive in Chelmsford yesterday (Monday) – one of the roads due to benefit from the new resurfacing technique.

He said: “In the last few years significant Essex County Council investment has brought our priority routes up to a very good condition. We are now turning our attention to improving our local roads, which are the ones that generally concern individual residents the most.

“Whilst we cannot afford to improve everywhere over the short-term, we are working hard with our technical partners to identify a mixture of proven and innovative ways to make roads easier to maintain and safer, making our investment go further.”

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2 Comments for Trial to improve state of roads in Harlow:

2017-03-22 21:42:01

Surprise surprise. Eddie Johnson is out doing a job he shoukd of been doing over the past three years not a month and half before county elections. We all pay for our roads to be maintained every year not only the year of County election. From UKIP cllr Dan Long

2017-03-23 16:50:39

Pot hole Johnson finally doing something about our dreadful roads. Perhaps he should reverse the stupid policy he was left by his predecessor and actually fill the potholes once they appear - rather than wait until they reach a certain depth, meaning more material is needed and more cars get damaged!!!

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