Oh dear! No UKIP candidates in Harlow for county council elections after they “miss the deadline”

News / Wed 5th Apr 2017 at 12:26pm

THERE were red faces at the Harlow UKIP offices today as a “administrative oversight” has meant they will be unable to field any candidates in Harlow for the Essex County Council elections next month.

Nominations had to be in at 4pm on Tuesday April 4th but when the provisional lists appeared on the Essex County Council website, there were no UKIP candidates.

YH was led to understand that they had planned to field four candidates including Harlow councillor Dan Long.

It is difficult to assess as to who will gain from UKIP’s omission. However, there could be a lot of votes up for grabs.

IN 2013, the four candidates polled a total of 6,746 with UKIP losing the seat of Harlow South East by just 96 votes.

Cllr Dan Long said: “Unfortunately because of a clerical error within the Harlow branch, our candidates’ paperwork was not been submitted on time.

“As you can imagine, the individual involved is distraught and as a branch we apologise to our supporters for failing to provide them with the opportunity to vote UKIP in May and so limit their democratic choices”.

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1 Comment for Oh dear! No UKIP candidates in Harlow for county council elections after they “miss the deadline”:

2017-04-08 15:11:37

After Harlow UKIP managed to spell the name of their 2015 parliamentary candidate Sam Stopplecamp incorrectly with three 'P's in their election leaflet, I thought that their amateurish conduct couldn't get any worse. Obviously I was wrong! Given this latest cockup I now realise that the 'I' in UKIP stands for Incompetence!

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