Harlow Lib-Dems unveil candidate for General Election 2017

News / Sun 23rd Apr 2017 at 10:02am

Geoff Shreef

FOLLOWING the declaration of a snap election last Tuesday, Dr Geoff Seeff, the Liberal Democrat’s parliamentary candidate, says this is a huge opportunity for voters in Harlow to change the direction of the country and ensure Britain has a proper and decent opposition.

Dr Self said: “People in Harlow may have voted to leave the EU, but many did not vote for the extreme form of Brexit that Theresa May has imposed on us after being backed by Labour. Further, many of those who voted leave are now seeing just how impractical Brexit is proving to be – President Trump has confirmed that the USA will give preference to the EU in a trade deal; the EU wants settlement of the UK’s liabilities before negotiations start; Spain is threatening to veto any negotiations unless the status of Gibraltar is included; the European Court of Justice, so vilified by Mrs May, will continue to have jurisdiction over the rights of EU workers in the UK and UK workers in the EU.

“If you voted remain, voted leave and are having second thoughts and, regardless, if you want to protect our local economy by staying in the Single Market and ensure we, the people, have the final say over what comes next, this is your last chance.

“The Labour party does not know which way it is facing on this matter – Jeremy Corbyn, its leader, has opposed the EU throughout his entire political career. It seems that Labour have simply given up on places like Harlow. Labour claimed to be prepared for a general election, but many of their approved candidates are simply refusing to run under Jeremy Corbyn’s banner. And who can blame them? They see a leader who is ineffective and a party that is too divided to stand up for local people. Every government needs to be held to account and the Liberal Democrats are rapidly emerging as the real voice of opposition.”

The Liberal Democrats are the only real opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government and the only party fighting for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united.”

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