Letter to Editor: Pointing the finger at Labour’s Harlow Council over housing plans

News / Sun 30th Apr 2017 at 10:40am


I am sure that very many residents of Harlow will be as surprised as me to learn that the Labour administration at Harlow Council have agreed to the plans being produced by Epping Forest District Council to allow the building of thousands of homes on Harlow’s southern and western borders.

I attended a public exhibition at the school nearest these proposals about three years ago. It was clear from what I heard from most if not all the residents who attended the exhibition that they did not want to see homes built on any land which seperates Harlow from Epping. Most of the traffic and public transport used by the new residents wishing to use Harlow’s shops, businesses and leisure facilties will undoubtable enter the town using Rye Hill Road, the M11 junction or other routes onto Southern Way causing even more congestion in the town.

These proposals are of course just the tip of the iceburg, North Weald is expected to grow over 100% in the next 15 years, Sawbridgeworth is set to have another 500 homes, and as for Harlow North, perhaps another 10.000 homes. Just how do these polititians expect Harlow Hospital, fire and ambulance services and other public services to cope?

And what of the houses that will be built? Terling Park at Gilston gives an indication of what the price of these new homes are likely to be and as for any public rented homes, well if any are built these will surely go to people on Epping Forest District Council’s waiting list.

The Labour Group at Harlow Council have back tracked on the committement they gave only last year to oppose any plans for the south of the town. When is their Local Plan going to be put out to public consultation and will they take any notice of the views expressed by residents anyway? On the evidence so far, I think not.

Nicholas Taylor
Fir Park

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