Blogpost: Nishall has a request for General Election candidates

News / Sun 14th May 2017 at 04:26pm

Nishall Garala

Parliamentary Candidates Need to Focus on the Community!

AS the election campaigns have started for the General Election on 8th June, I have seen one thing, most candidates standing for MP only talk about their party manifesto and not what they will do for the constituency they will be elected for specifically, candidates attack each other on what the competition has done for people but don’t really say to constituents what they will do for the particular area, only talk on a national level. However, some candidates do try to apply their party manifesto to their communities but sometimes (maybe majority) of the time it seems to be washed away as they don’t specifically make points obvious on the community benefits, let’s say for example, if a party says they will bring an X amount of Police Officers on the streets of Britain, well that’s great news, but how many of those officers will be on the streets where I live? I know this can be hard to say, but at least try make the manifesto more relevant to the constituency.

I know that each candidate has to promote their party, so they can be on the government and not the opposition, however as constituents, we have the right to know what each candidate will do for the community, as most people knows what the parties mean on a national level.

After all the social media posts, I can happily tell you what the party manifestos is for all the parties, so when candidates repeated in every talk they do, it gets quite frustrating as you personally have to apply the manifestos to your community as the candidates don’t actually tell what they specifically will do for you personally.

Young people like myself, care more for our local community, and when candidates only talk on a national level, it is really hard to choose who to vote for, as you don’t know how each candidate will make the place you live, work or study better.

So, all I say to our candidates around our country is tell the people what you are going to do for them specifically, everyone knows what the parties will do as a whole for the country, but constituents want to know what makes you the perfect individual that will voice our town in Parliment! This is what will make you more appealing to the voters, not party manifestos!

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