We need your help to spread the good news about Harlow

Communities / Sun 11th Jun 2017 at 05:17pm

Harlow June 17

SINCE we launched in July 2013, Your Harlow has published over 8,000 news items. Our aim is to add to the news in Harlow: To celebrate the good and to also report on “the bad”.

We don’t see ourselves in competition with anyone, we just do what we do.

Recently. we have had e-mails complaining about the content in a certain Hertford-based newspaper.

As our editor is a “thin-skinned ageing prima donna” we won’t start criticising other newspapers. Try not to dish it out if you cannot take it.

However, we are becoming increasingly frustrated in our attempts to report on the good news by the simple “refusal” of some organisations to tell us what is happening, invite us to the event and or tell us what happened.

We understand if your response is that we should make more of an effort to seek them out. However, YH (and our sister paper YourThurrock) is basically a one-man band).

We are also asking some organisations to come to the party a bit. If you are not happy with a news agenda dominated by clickbait crime and inane stories about dogging.

Even this weekend, we asked a number of organisations to send us details of an event. There has not been a response.

We must add that we are grateful to those who do send us news and do hope they will continue to do so.

We will try our best but we need as much help to promote all the good news stories in Harlow.

Our e mail address is: [email protected]
Our tel no is 07757167689
Our twitter is @yourharlow
Our Facebook is yourharlow

If you are uncertain about that we mean by a press release th just give us a ring.
We don’t expect an all singing and dancing communique. Just the basics of: Who, what, when, where, how and when

We look forward to hearing from you.

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