Time capsule to celebrate Harvey centre

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TO celebrate its 35th Birthday, The Harvey Centre in Harlow has built a time capsule, which will be opened in 2052. The time capsule will celebrate Harlow’s past and present and will be decorated with a number of intricate colourful mosaics, to represent Harlow’s Roman past, while the pixelated design will reflect the current digital age. The time capsule will be unveiled in the centre on 18th July at 11.00am, which press and the public are invited to attend.

The design of the time capsule will depict familiar, everyday aspects of Harlow life, some from the past, some from 2017 and will include buildings, sculptures, cars, birds, trees, people and sign posts. When the capsule is opened in 2052, some of the subjects represented, like the buildings, may still exist, whereas others, like mobile phones will have changed or disappeared completely. Everything going into the time capsule will be on display from 8th July at The Harvey Centre as part of the Harlow Art and Sculpture Trail. However, the time capsule will not be unveiled until 18th July.

In addition, The Harvey Centre, in partnership with Harlow Council and Harlow Art Trust will also be inviting local schools to create a piece of work to be included in an exhibition in The Gibberd Gallery in celebration of Harlow’s 70th birthday. Children, young people and students are encouraged to think about Harlow, its history and how they imagine the town’s future. Submissions can include written work, art or performance. Closing date of submissions will be Friday 30th June. Pieces will be selected for display in The Hideaway Gallery, a designated space in The Gibberd Gallery that promotes the creative work of young local talent. The exhibition will open on Friday 14th July for the public to view the submissions. At the same time there will be a vote for a selection of winning pieces to go into The Harvey Centre’s time capsule.

Bryan Young, Centre Manager at The Harvey Centre says, “This is a hugely important milestone for the centre – we really wanted to mark the occasion with something special which acknowledges the huge influence art has had over the town. The idea of building a capsule full of items that are commonplace now, but will look like artefacts in 35 years is hugely fun. The design of the time capsule has also been really well thought out – and will reflect the town, centre and decade. We’ve also worked closely with local schools, the council and Gatehouse Arts to ensure there is a huge variation of items inside the capsule – which everyone can see from the 8th July. We hope to see a lot of faces at the unveiling on 18th July – I can only imagine how much things will change over the next 35 years! ”

Jim Brown local artist says, “I was a teenager when The Harvey Centre opened and I remember it being futuristic compared to the once futuristic shopping areas in the rest of the town centre. Thirty-five years on and The Harvey Centre remains, while many changes have occurred and are planned for the town. The images I have chosen to decorate the time capsule represent some of these changes, along with images of current times.”

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