Princess Alexandra A and E to be refurbished

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Princess Alexandra

PAH Emergency Department refurbishment works

IN April 2017 The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust was successful in winning a national bid of £925,000 to use to improve the patient experience from primary care to our Emergency Department (ED). 

The trust will be using the money to redesign and improve the current layout. The rationale behind the redesign is to facilitate a quicker, safer and more efficient patient journey through the department. 
Since April, our ED staff along with key stakeholders, have been working closely together to design a new floor plan for the department and on Thursday 6 July the building work will commence.

From Thursday 6 July the ED main entrance will be temporarily moved to the ambulance entrance for walk-in patients.  Access for disabled people will also be via the ambulance entrance and the main hospital.  All these routes will be clearly signposted.

The first phase of the build should last no more than six weeks, followed by four weeks of smaller works. Unfortunately during this time there will be increased noise in the department as major structural changes are being made. Every attempt will be made by the trust and contractor to keep the disturbance to a minimum.

We would like to stress that at all times our ED is for patients with emergency and life threatening illnesses only and not with symptoms that can be managed by their general practitioner (GP). During the building works the physical space in the department will be limited. We would ask that if you need to bring someone with you to ED that you limit this to one person only.

The Princess Alexandra Trust would like to apologise in advance for any disturbance and inconvenience these works may cause.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact a member of the Patient Experience Team on [email protected] or call 01279 827211.

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