Why did the new Nicholls Field pavilion cost £700,000?

News / Thu 3rd Aug 2017 at 10:03am

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BACK in September, we noted in a Harlow Council document that the new Nicholls Field pavilion would cost in the region of £700,000.

Now that it has been completed, we though we would ask, why did it cost so much money.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said:

“The Council appointed Borras in accordance to standard procedures. Sic tenders were returned and Borras were selected following a quality-price assessment.

“Once work started it was clear that the building was not structurally sound. This resulted in new foundations and concrete slab. It is pretty much a new build. A summary of the changes are:

a. Replacing the flat roof with a pitched roof. The flat roof has previously been used as a point of entry to the building and contained asbestos.

b. Improved access. The orientation of the access to the building has changed so that the main access is from the cycle track. This opens up the building to the community and makes it more inviting. It also creates a courtyard space by the entrance that can be used by the groups using the building.

c. Internally the layout has changed. This increases the usability and versatility of the building in the future. The project has created a community hall that will be used as a dojo along with an office, male and female changing rooms and a disabled toilet in one half of the building. The other half of the building contains four good sized gender neutral changing rooms suitable for pitch sport teams along with a changing room for officials and access to the disabled toilet.

d. Improved drainage to sports pitches. This improves their playability which will increase demand and reduce the number of games cancelled per season.

e. Improved fencing. The fencing has been brought out slightly from the building. This retains a high level of security but softens the appearance and enables maintenance to be undertaken.

f. Landscaping works to the exterior of the building.

g. Improvements to the car park.

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2017-08-04 14:12:20

And I bet Harlow Residents thought the Council had no money due to nasty Tory cuts....

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