Blogspot: “Harlow is really scruffy and it is Labour’s fault”

News / Mon 28th Aug 2017 at 01:27pm

Nick Churchill Blognick22

By Councillor Nick Churchill

IF you drive through any new town such as Basildon or Stevenage it is always a pleasure to see how well kept the verges are, well cut and tended and litter picked, all in all they present a warm welcome to the visitors to the town and reflect well on the town as well.

Compare that to what you see nowadays in our town. Harlow is looking tired and scruffy and has done for a couple of years now and there is only one reason for that.

The Labour Administration has ignored its residents, it has ignored its own pledge of ensuring a clean and green environment but most of all they have let down Harlow.

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1 Comment for Blogspot: “Harlow is really scruffy and it is Labour’s fault”:

2017-09-09 14:43:06

Perhaps Cllr Nick Churchill needs to get out more. I live in his Sumner & Kingsmoor ward and can honestly say since HTC took over from Kiev the landscaping has never looked better. Also, many Labour councils have suffered huge Conservative government cuts to their budgets since 2010 (over 50 per cent). These Tory cuts were designed to force privatisation of services to enrich Conservative party donors and supporters, i.e. big business. It is also designed to break the perceived power of public sector unions and 'discipline' workers into accepting worse terms and conditions. The broad policy was mapped out in the Ridley Report, authored by Nicholas Ridley during Margaret Thatcher's regime What gets up Cllr Churchill's nose is that the Labour administration had the guts to dump Kier who were not performing well and bring the work back in house, albeit through an arms length Local Authority Trading Company. So instead of the majority of any operating profit going into Kier's hands, whereas under HTS we have the bulk of any profit coming back to the council. Many of the big builders have been very adept at tax avoidance and so any 'trickle down' benefit would be non-existent, just as the IMF have pointed out. So Cllr Churchill, you keep on supporting the tax avoiding big businesses whilst those with any sense support HTS that returns its profits to our community.

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