Letter to the Editor: Tories have a bee in their bonnet with The Greens

News / Sun 3rd Sep 2017 at 04:06pm

Nicholls Field Long


Having read Mr Aicken’s letter I have to say that he has spectacularly missed the point of my blog post, not surprising really but let me address his comments.

Yes, Bees and other pollinators are important, as a volunteer at Pets Corner I support the Friends of Pets Corner who keep hives in the park.

Harlow is one of the greenest large towns in the country with our protected green wedges, something that councillors and I across the political spectrum guard and defend. What I am talking about is the administration allowing the verge grass across the town in random patches to grow without control and claiming that ‘it’s for the environment’ when it is obvious, because of its randomness, that it is because they have no control over the maintenance contracts and it’s the easiest excuse they can come up with.

Let’s look at specifics…

Playing field Southern Way/Five Acres: Not been cut for two years, Goalposts are still in place but people can’t use it.

Opposite Staple Tye Shopping Centre.

Grass Bank next to Paringdon Sports Club, Southern Way, but the grass bank alongside Brockles Mead and by the Katherines Way Rbout is cut.

Water Lane rbout Sycamore Field , but the land on the other side of Broadley Road/Little Cattins that borders woodland is cut!

Velizy Ave to rear of Police Station. Yet every other area of grass in the area of the roundabout is cut.

I am sure your readers can find plenty more.

Mr Aicken should perhaps have a word with his parties only MP, when I drove into Brighton the other week the roadside grass was well cut and neat.

Harlow is an expanding town attracting big companies, organisations and jobs, I hope with the building of Junction 7a that will continue. As such we need to present a CLEAN GREEN TOWN, not a scruffy unloved town which is what this administration is allowing to happen.

Mr Aicken may be happy for the town to look scruffy, I want this town to be proud and to show that Harlow is loved and open for business to all who visit and live here.

Yours Sincerely
Nick Churchill
Conservative Ward Councillor
Sumners and Kingsmoor

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