Essex Chamber of Commerce to host Harlow Professionals Lunch

Business / Sun 22nd Oct 2017 at 11:35am

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THE ESSEX Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Harlow Professionals Lunch on Friday October 27th at the Canons Brook Golf Course.

The Chamber have told us why they are excited to be in Harlow.

A bright new horizon for Harlow

There can be no doubt that the renowned Essex hub town of Harlow is a hotspot of bright opportunity. Since its initial designation in 1947, Harlow has drawn international recognition as a forerunner and exemplar of the New Town concept which, in a relatively short space of time has inspired prosperity, thanks to local determination and an enterprising and progressive approach to life and work.

From its bold beginnings as a world class concept, the Harlow of today has become a thriving township of around 85,000 people and, while the New Town epithet may have faded from common use, there is no sign that Harlow’s pioneering spirit has relaxed. In fact many well-informed observers feel that the very best is yet to come.

Prominent among those who have sensed the coming of a bright new chapter for Harlow is Essex Chambers of Commerce, itself no stranger to the art and science of creating the right kind of business environment from which to generate sustainable business and ever increasing opportunities.

Essex Chambers’ own story stretches back a few decades more than Harlow’s yet we share exactly the same values of enterprise, progress and energy. All the more reason then that we responded keenly and without hesitation to the invitation to play our part in the next monumental steps of Harlow’s business future.

At Essex Chambers of Commerce we believe strongly in three things: HORIZON, REVOLUTION and HARLOW. We plan and look ahead; we advocate progressive change; and we are truly inspired to be invited to help Harlow to reach its full potential.

With this in mind, Essex Chambers of Commerce have opened new doors for business – in more ways than one – at our new office space located within Harlow College. This exciting development was instigated with the full encouragement of the college and enjoys total support from Essex County Council.

Our enthusiasm and expertise for all things business, in conjunction with our wider strategic viewpoint – which takes in Westminster, the East of England and most International markets – means that our contribution and influence towards Harlow’s business future will be both strong and valuable. We are also an active member of the South East Local Economic Partnership and positive advocates of developing apprenticeship opportunities to help cement the prospects of young people, both in Harlow and across Essex.

The Essex Chambers of Commerce, Harlow office is aptly called Harlow Horizon. Its declared aim will be to help revolutionise business opportunities for local firms as the development of the Harlow Enterprise Zone comes to fruition. These are indeed exciting times and Essex Chambers of Commerce is delighted to be involved. Be assured that we are eager to play our part – and be assured that we will deliver!


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