If you hear an air raid siren in Church Langley…..

News / Sun 5th Nov 2017 at 04:06pm

Air Raid Siren

IF you hear an air raid siren in Church Langley on Guy Fawkes Night.

The reason could be:

1. North Korea has declared war on the people’s republic of Church Langley?

2. Church Langley has formed it’s own army and declared itself an independent republic?

3. You remember the beginning of War of the Worlds? Tom Cruise was in Brentwood a couple of weeks ago. Of course it is just a water tower….


Church Langley resident Martin Lane has an antique air raid siren. It went off on Saturday night and caused quite a stir. So Martin has issued a statement on the Join If You Lived In Church Langley Facebook page…

“Dear friends and neighbours, 6pm is the proposed time for around one minute of sound as at the request of others wanted it earlier than 8pm due to kids going to bed which is completely understandable – although loud it will not damage hearing- the sound just travels further due to its audio frequency.

Originally they sat up cast iron poles on high streets and city centres and so were engineered to warn the masses but not harm (would have defeated the object otherwise!).

Sound levels of fireworks in as close proximity are far more excessive with DB levels breaching what should be listened to.

Want to say thank you to all those who have endorsed this, especially for those who have contacted me under my good causes pledge- I am looking forward to being of assistance to you in the future, and also hope I have satisfied the requests and concerns of any that had reservations?

I am not trying to antagonise my neighbours or anyone else for that matter- just having a minutes fun with something that I intend to do good with on the most noisy weekend of the year!

“Thanks to all, and wish you a happy fireworks night.”

We wil be catching up with Martin soon to find out more about the siren and his plans with it.

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