Harlow councillor makes withering attack on Princess Alexandra Hospital

Health / Mon 6th Nov 2017 at 07:37am

Tony Durcan

A LEADING Harlow councillor has made a withering attack on the way that Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) interacts with the Harlow community.

Cllr Tony Durcan (Lab) made the comments during a motion debate at a Harlow Council meeting on Thursday night (Nov 2nd).

Whilst the overall debate, saw all bar one support a motion calling for a new hospital for Harlow, it was councillor Durcan who rose to make a number of critical points regarding the way the hospital is run.

Cllr Durcan is also a nurse and used his experience to question a number of the PAH’s practices.

The five minute speech is below.

We shall be contacting PAH to give them a righ too reply.

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4 Comments for Harlow councillor makes withering attack on Princess Alexandra Hospital:

2017-11-06 16:11:31

Typical lefty arrogance from this character Dur.....can. Knows it all ,got all the answers and in true lefty fashion, he advocates taking control of P A H. Grossly overweight, and, I'm sure that he'll be running to our hospital before long for treatment, or maybe he's being treated already. This hospital offers fantastic A&E treatment and service, having used it twice this year I honestly believe that I would be hard pressed to get better treatment elsewhere. So, get in the real world D and cease your ridiculous ramblings and pc twaddle.

tony durcan
2017-11-06 20:11:57

MickyB77 I was interested in your personal comments made about my involvement with the debate about the new PAH.would you mind re listening as I'm confident nothing I said was "left" but actual common sense and factual true. As a former A and E nurses I'm fully aware of what a great job my colleagues provided. This debate was never about front line staff but how the trust must engage more with the community and community leaders. Thank you for the personal health advice but at least I can lose weight and still be respectful. Please take the chance to listen to the whole debate again and perhaps you may reflect on your comments.

2017-11-07 07:21:13

Typical, because I don't share your un-balanced view of the world, it appear, as usual, that you presume that you're correct and anyone who disagrees, is wrong. The NHS needs to govern itself, not be dictated to, under the guise of, community participation, ruled over by our local lefties, and we all know what that means. I also read, that a new PAH is your real target. Control freaks, normal lefties. Lastly, no debate was shown, it was all about your opinions being aired about your opinions.

tony durcan
2017-11-07 17:35:33

Micky sorry your correct the whole debate wasn't included in the article. you have the full right to voice a different opinion which I would respect without the need to make personal comment.we all come in different sizes and shapes but I hope we can at least agree everyone has the right to a view.we can agree to disagree In a respectful way. Thanks for your commitment to the NHS

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