Harlow Council leader gives his reaction to the budget

News / Wed 22nd Nov 2017 at 03:22pm


HARLOW Council leader, has reacted to the budget delivered by the chancellor of the exchequer, Phillip Hammond.

Cllr Jon Clempner said: “Overall a disappointing budget, with growth forecasts significantly revised down, investment in R&D not happening for five years, no money for social care, or for public sector pay beyond vague promises for NHS staff.

Recent budgets have had a habit of unravelling quickly so will have to get into the details.

There are however some elements that have the potential to help Harlow, such as money for NHS capital investment which PAH desperately needs, some support for Councils building houses, promises of infrastructure investment to support housing growth, and skills funding to ensure that Harlow people can take advantages of the fantastic job opportunities that will be coming on stream over the next few years.

What we need to see is if these headlines and promises can be converted into a specific Town Deal for Harlow, and I will be working hard with colleagues, other local authorities, and others to try and make that a reality, and in particular active engagement with the newly created Homes England.

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4 Comments for Harlow Council leader gives his reaction to the budget:

2017-11-22 15:41:33

Disappointing, so are you Clempner, but, we all have to suffer a little for the good of the less fortunate. Didn't you notice that the reduction in the lefties debts that they left, not punny, have reduced dramatically, or, didn't you notice ? Under the circumstances, a pretty fair deal for all. Trust labour at your peril.

2017-11-22 16:58:49

This is a bit rich coming from Councillor Jon Clempner, when it's been his administrating party that has increased the council tax every year since they gained power here. In 2012, And it's not been a little increase its been a considerable one. And people notice it too. For those on a low income they are squeezed and are left with very little to live on once they pay their council tax. This is not justified when you look at the town centre and see those stupid giant flower pots and the play area near the Natwest bank, total waste of taxpayers money. Do we get a service we pay for? If the Harlow Labour party spent less time making a spectacle of themselves outside the butchers in Bush Fair promoting sausage week and concentrated on more serious issues like Crime and Anti Social behaviour we would feel the increase in council tax was justified, until then no.

2017-11-22 20:05:46

For the benefit of 1969goddess the money wasted on flower pots by NatWest bank was by Harlow Conservatives. Complain to Tory councillors Joel Charles and Andrew Johnson. As for council tax, central government Rate Support Grant has been slashed by Tory-led governments. To maintain services and jobs councils have been forced to raise council tax. In 2015/16, councils received £9.9bn in Revenue Support Grant (RSG). By 2019/20, they will get £2.2bn. Despite receiving range of other grants, such as a bonus for building new homes and some businesses rates, the Local Government Association says councils as a whole in England would have £15.7bn less central government funding by 2020 than it did in 2010. The LGA estimates a £5.8bn funding gap in 2020 — even if councils stopped filling in potholes, maintaining parks and open spaces, closed all children’s centres, libraries, museums, leisure centres, turned off every street light and shut all discretionary bus routes. Source: Financial Times 4 July 2017

2017-11-23 07:30:50

Again the truth is being twisted by the lefties. Extra support was offered to 'arlow but it was refused by the reds.Not once, but several times. Trust labour at your peril.

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