Robert Halfon praises “Worker’s Budget”

News / Thu 23rd Nov 2017 at 12:14pm

Halfon PAH

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has described the chancellor of the exchequer’s budget as a “worker’s budget”

Mr Halfon said: “This is a worker’s budget that will build an even better Harlow; cut the cost of living for hard working residents; champion apprenticeships, education and skills for our young people; and protect our NHS.

Despite the difficult economic situation that we inherited, unemployment in Harlow is less than half what it was in 2010, down by 1,239. We have invested £50m in our Enterprise Zone, £400m on the imminent move of Public Health England and £14m on unlocking our roads with a new J7a.

The Government is continuing to invest in Harlow.

This Budget will help build an even better Harlow. To tackle to housing crisis, the Chancellor has announced £44bn of investment that will enable 300,000 new homes, including affordable homes, to be built every year. The Government has also abolished stamp duty completely for first time buyers on homes up to £300,000. A further £28 million will be spent on tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.

This Budget will cut the cost of living. The National Living Wage is increasing to £7.83, meaning that since its introduction, the living wage will have boosted the income of the lowest paid by £2,000 a year. The Tax-Free Personal Allowance is increasing again aswell to £11,850 meaning a typical Harlow worker pays £1,075 less income tax than they did in 2010.

Alcohol duty on beer, cider, wine and spirits has been frozen meaning a pint will cost 12p less in 2018 and a bottle of whisky will cost £1.15 less.

Fuel duty will remain frozen for the eighth consecutive year meaning the average Harlow motorist is £850 better off since 2010 – and the average Harlow van driver has saved over £2000. No white van man or woman will be affected by changes to tax on diesel vehicles. There will also be a new railcard for those aged 26-30 meaning more young people in Harlow will get a third off their rail fares and commute.

This Budget will champion apprenticeships, education and skills. On top of the existing £1.3 billion additional investment in our schools, a further £177 million will be made available for teaching maths. We will also invest £42 million in teacher training and £84 million to triple the number of computer science teachers.

Harlow College will benefit from an extra £20 million for FE Colleges. There will be a new National Retraining Scheme to boost skills and £30 million will help Harlow residents develop digital skills through distance learning courses.

This Budget will protect our NHS. The Chancellor announced an extra £2.8 billion of resource funding and another £10 billion to upgrade buildings and facilities, ensuring our NHS is fit for the 21st Century. I am continuing to work hard to make sure that Harlow gets its share of this new money for the new hospital we need.

I have been working hard for Harlow by holding debates in Parliament, tabling questions and arranging meetings with Ministers to champion apprenticeships and education, ensure fuel duty is kept down and protect our NHS. I am glad that the Government has listened.

This is a budget for Harlow workers and their families. It is a Budget to protect our vital public services and continue bringing jobs and apprenticeships back to Harlow.

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3 Comments for Robert Halfon praises “Worker’s Budget”:

2017-11-23 14:11:30

As per normal spouting the party line,you know as welll as a large percentage of the population that the problems we have eg hospitals,doctors,housing are to a large extent the result of immigration,my biggest gripe is immigration and here is a perfect example,my daughter will be paying over £400 a month for a flat share with one other person yet a btl in the street has at least five people hot bedding for a rent of £1k a month,so no wonder they can afford to live on NMW.

2017-11-28 17:36:43

A workers budget! From Robert Halfons Conservative Workers Party!!! Although, just to party poop a little, the take away for most people in Harlow and across the UK was THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET REALLY TOUGH until at least the 2020s. The economic forecast is worse and peoples pay packets are about to get squeezed even harder. The economic model this "government" is following can now be seen to be totally failing. Not delivering growth and not delivering higher wages. Real wages falling, economy slowing - slowest in G7, deficit still huge. All those cuts to your public services, your teachers, your doctors, your fireservice, your police - what were they for again?? I know, productivity right? Its almost as though having large amounts of people living with the uncertainty of zero contract hours, treated with contempt and left on low wages whilst living costs grow, doesn't seem to be motivating people year on year??!! The government cuts and doesn't invest in the economy so companies dont either and then the economy doesn't grow. NHS - given far less than the figure recommended by the NHS Chairman. Living wage up - tell that to the people working for £7.50 in the various warehouses around town. 44 Billion of money ALREADY committed to private developers who might not want to take it up and build. Headline grab and no depth below the surface. Nothing on reform of the housing market so dont expect the housing crisis to end anytime soon. 3 Billion kept in his back pocket to prepare for Brexit. 3 Billion to help workers? industries? no. 3 Billion to help government departments. Two thumbs up. Fortunately, Mr Halfon knows some workers that will be absolutely fine. PS When does a house share become hot bedding?

2017-11-28 18:00:23

Halfon says that this budget is a budget for the workers. Explain that to working families forced to use food banks, working people faced with yet again rising house prices. The IFS says growth in UK living standards are the worst in 60 years. Please tell us how this is a budget for the workers? This savage government have delivered a very dangerous budget and Halfon just like he always does, defends the government rather than those that he is supposed to be defending, the people of Harlow Town.

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