New boss of Rainbow Services praises work of local charities

Charity / Mon 18th Dec 2017 at 08:52am

Jemma Mindham

THE NEW chief executive of Rainbow Services, Jemma Mindham has praised the work of Harlow groups on Local Charities Day.

A government initiative ear-marked Friday as Local Charities Day.

A number of charities held stalls on the Broad Walk in Harlow.

We caught up with Ms Mindham in order to find out more about the day and her new role.

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2 Comments for New boss of Rainbow Services praises work of local charities:

2017-12-18 12:35:28

Amazing. This lady and her colleagues are earning fantastic salaries for the jobs that they are doing. She earns in excess of £40.000 pa, not counting the freebies and expenses perks, and, she has the gall to attend a stall in 'arlow , moan about the cold, and sticks out the begging bowl for a few quid more for an increase in their salaries. I used to donate to most of the charities, but ,since the salaries of the so called executives became public I wouldn't give a bean to any of them. Vote LABOUR at your PERIL.

2018-01-02 17:30:23

Hi MickyB77. Thanks for your comment. I am so sorry that you feel the way that you do and would welcome meeting you to discuss your concerns. It is important that I point out that there are many charities and local groups in Harlow which do not have salaried staff and are run purely by volunteers, and Local Charities Day was a celebration of their work as much as those charities which, for diverse reasons, do have salaried staff posts of varying levels. I fear that local charities have fallen victim to the bad press and in some cases poor practice of larger organisations.

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