Harlow is 70: So farewell then, John Deller

Harlow is 70: Why I Came Here / Fri 29th Dec 2017 at 10:30am

John Deller

ONE of the motivating factors for our Harlow is 70: Why They Came Here project was to leave a legacy. There will be day, later on in this century, when all the subjects in our films will have passed on. We would like to think that our project provided a small historical snapshot into why people’s families moved to Harlow.

It was with sadness that we reported that the mentor to this project, Ron Bill passed away earlier this year. And so it is with a heavy heart that we have just been informed that another of our interviewees, John Deller, has also passed on.

So here is our interview. This is an important interview as it describes a Harlow pre-new town. A rural idyll, where Netteswell was more than just a pond and Dads Wood was just a wood.

But perhaps this also reaffirms people’s personal history is so important. And that is why we hope to continue the project.

Thank you to John, his family and Becci Court at Harlow Council for organising the day’s filming.

Rest in peace John.

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