Kent MP apologises for wrongly putting Harlow MP Robert Halfon on “Royal Yacht” list

News / Fri 29th Dec 2017 at 08:35am

Robert H Yacht

A KENT MP has apologised for putting Robert Halfon on a list of MPs who supported a campaign for a new Royal Yacht.

On Thursday, we reported that a letter signed by 50 MPs including Robert Halfon, had been sent to senior ministers for a new lottery scheme that would finance a new yacht.

But Thanet MP, Craig Mackinlay has now gone on to social media to explain that Robert Halfon’s name should not have appeared on the list.

He said: “My apologies to Robert Halfon, who has not agreed with the new lottery funding concept for a new Britannia and should not have appeared in the supporters letter”.

Robert Halfon has confirmed this. He said: “I did not see or sign this letter and whilst I don’t have a problem with a royal yacht being funded privately, I don’t support it being funded by taxpayers or via the lottery. An error has been made.

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3 Comments for Kent MP apologises for wrongly putting Harlow MP Robert Halfon on “Royal Yacht” list:

2017-12-29 09:40:29

Halfon now says "an error has been made". We have a right to know whose error, and how it was made. Did Craig Mackinlay or someone else include Halfon's name at random, or did Halfon make the error by having a cosy chat, as he tends to do, in which he agreed to the principal but did not physically sign anything, only backing out when he realised how unpopular his support for this lunatic project was proving to be? This is too serious for a simple statement that "an error has been made", to be an end to the matter.

2017-12-29 10:03:46

Yes Minister?....More like Whatever Minister..

2017-12-29 16:18:59

This whole story just shows how out of touch with the reality people are living in Britain members of the posh Tory party are. Using charity money for a billionaires holiday yacht during austerity?!! Lets just hope this whole thing was an error and in a couple of days it will be revealed to have been a rich persons joke at us all!!

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