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Lifestyle / Mon 8th Jan 2018 at 10:39am

Blogpost by Nishall Garala

Learning to accept who you are!

MOST people’s New Year’s resolutions are around making goals about changing themselves for the better, but not many people make resolutions to accept themselves as they are.

Did you know that once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you? Most people make New Year resolutions because someone around them has pointed it out to them.

Being you seems like it would be an easy thing, right? Just be you! But when you’re someone who has lived their life seeking the approval of others constantly, it’s not such an easy thing. You have to attempt to move past years of trying to appear this way, wondering if people will judge you if you do something.

Life will never be any fun if you can never rise above the small thoughts and opinions people will have of you. Just because you or the people around you have made a decision about who you are based on your flaws, this doesn’t ever mean that you really are this person, or that your weaknesses must remain your weaknesses.

In order to continually put yourself in a position of growth embrace the idea that flaws are real, and embrace the wisdom that tells us that with enough hard work, these flaws can become our strengths. Learning to embrace yourself and shut out the need to please people or be what everyone else might want us to be is hard and it’s not something that can be an overnight change.

But learning to accept all of the parts of yourself, including the ones you may not like, is not only the greatest gift you can give to yourself, it’s the greatest gift you can give to the world around you too.

When you stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks of you and start becoming you, it’s then that you can truly offer the world the most. Don’t deny that you are flawed, for we all are. The difference between those who succeed and those who succeed gloriously is the way that they are able to turn their weakest attributes into their greatest strengths.

Not caring what other people think and just being is something we all struggle with in one way or another. Something I’ve found to be very helpful for connecting with myself and just being is a kind of a brief meditation. Whether I’m at university, work, on vacation, or just sitting at home, I try to take a few moments each day where I just sit, stop what I’m doing, take a deep breath in, and silence my mind. I focus on the blood flowing through my veins or the way my breath feels when I exhale. I just let myself sit there in silence for a few minutes and just enjoy being in my skin, my body, and my spirit. As small as it may seem, it really helps to calm me and get me refocused on myself.

Be great; conquer your weaknesses with practice, dedication, consistency, and heart. Accept yourself; accept your flaws and the best of you will shine.

Happy New Year!!

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