A real-life lesson in French was given to Burnt Mill students on trip abroad.

Burnt Mill Academy / Thu 25th Jan 2018 at 10:36am

A real-life lesson in French was given to students on a trip abroad.

YEAR 7 and 9 students from Burnt Mill Academy, in Harlow, spent two days putting their language skills to use in France.

Burnt France

Students visited markets in Lille and Arras, tried French food and took on a range of speaking challenges, including speaking with shop owners and interviewing locals.

Teacher Guylaine Ganzhorn said: “The trip was about putting what they had learnt in the classroom into practise.

“For Year 7, it was about getting them engaged in the topic and to develop an interest and for Year 9 it was to support their GCSE course which involves a lot of culture.

“All of the students loved the visit. It was a brand new experience for them and, for many, the first trip without their parents. They were a bit nervous at first about speaking French, but they all gave it a go and were really enthusiastic and realised they could do it. Year 9, in particular, were really pleased as it proved to them they knew far more than they had realised.

“Trips like this really help students to understand what we talk about in lessons, having been there and experienced it for themselves.”

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