Burnt Mill Academy produce half a million skips

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 4th Apr 2018 at 10:27am

Cooks Spinney

Roydon Prim

HALF a million skips were achieved by youngsters in Harlow doing their bit for Sport Relief.

The schools within the Burnt Mill Academy Trust (BMAT) in the town were set the challenge of skipping 500,000 skips during the charity event.

Throughout the day, a total of 505,251 skips were completed at Burnt Mill Academy, Roydon Primary Academy, Little Parndon Primary Academy, Cooks Spinney Primary Academy and Freshwaters Primary Academy.

Phil Dawes, director of PE and sport for BMAT, said: “We set various challenges to students, such as how many skips could they do in one minute and the quickest to do 100 skips. We also incorporated skipping into the usual PE lessons, skipping as our warm-up routine.

“Our challenge tied in with Sport Relief. It wasn’t about fundraising, but getting their attention onto Sport Relief and encouraging them to get involved and get active. Skipping is great exercise and is good for co-ordination and stamina, as well as hand and foot speed. Boxers do lots of skipping as part of their training because of its various benefits.

“Next time, we’ll smash a million skips!”

The breakdown of skips –

Roydon                                                   31,873
Little Parndon                                    267,937
Cooks Spinney                                      72,159
Freshwaters                                        22,394
Little Parndon skipping in the forest 11,040
Burnt Mill KS3 lesson warm-ups   44,674
Burnt Mill Year 9 Sports Leaders      41,260
Burnt Mill break & lunchtime challenges   10,524
Burnt Mill fitness                          1,469
Burnt Mill PE staff                                  1,921
Grand Total                                        505,251

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