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News / Mon 30th Apr 2018 at 10:34am

Peter Lamb

THIS should be a straightforward one for Labour. They have had little trouble over the last few years.

Labour won by:
2012: 246
2014: 28
2015: 410 (General Election Year)
2016: 427
2017: 216

There was the UKIP high point in 2014, when Labour squeezed in by 28 but apart from that, it has been a smooth run. Last year, Tony Edwards won in a By-Election. Tony has been a hard worker and thrown himself into local democracy and representation. Tony clearly relishes and respects the rights and responsibilities that come with being a councillor whether it is the potholes of Sharpecroft to the challenges of education and crime.

Once again, he finds himself up against Conservative canddiate Peter Lamb. Sometimes, it appears there are two Peter’s. If you look at our video, there is the mild mannered Conservative who espouses the virtues of Halfonian Conservatism. Then there is the tenacious critic of Labour on Twitter. He has toned it down somewhat.

This year, there is a Harlow Alliance Party candidate for the first time. As we said in our piece dedicated to them, this first outing may give them a feel for the battle ahead. A hundred votes would be a good result.

The same could be said of UKIP. Yes, they will struggle to a get a hundred votes but their long term ambition should be to stay on the pitch should Brexit go pear-shaped.

YH Prediction: Labour Hold.


Tony Edwards Labour
Peter Lamb Conservative
Alan Leverett Harlow Alliance Party
Chris Ward UK Independence Party (UKIP)

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4 Comments for Ward by Ward: Toddbrook:

2018-04-30 15:00:49

Nothing is straightforward in this game. Tony Edwards has shown, in the short time since the by election last year, to be an energetic and successful councillor well aware of the challenges and responsibilities of the role and more than able to address the issues of the electorate in the ward and for Harlow beyond. He's a credit to the ward and to the town, and if the ward returns him as one of their representatives, they can be assured that their needs and concerns will be met by a compassionate and willing councillor.

2018-05-02 12:47:43

As usual, reporters are quick to baulk at anyone who criticises the REDS. P L speaks as he finds, absolutely correct and says so,not like some. Momentum are a bullying threat, and have been constructive in the resignation of several local politicos. Can we trust these people ? I THINK NOT. VOTE LABOUR at YOUR PERIL.

2018-05-03 11:26:25

no matter what happens today I would like to wish all candidates the very best of luck. Even if labour holds this ward, I will say UKIP have not gone quiet and will continue to be that voice this town desperately needs, labour has gone by ignoring the problems, conservatives have also ignored problems, we shouldn't ignore problems we should embrace them and correct them. it's time we made Harlow great again. Chris Ward toddbrook UKIP

tony edwards
2018-05-04 21:17:22

Thanks Chris If you, or any Toddbrook resident have any concerns or issues regarding Toddbrook please contact me on [email protected]; Tony Edwards Toddbrook Councillor Harlow District Council

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