Labour leader busy campaigning in run up to local elections

News / Tue 1st May 2018 at 07:39am

THE LEADER of Harlow Council, cllr Emma Toal has been busy campaigning in the run up to the local elections on Thursday.

Labour have been tipped to do well. The Harlow Common councillor has the reponsibility of leading her group, the issues in her own ward such as Osler House and camapigning across the town.

Cllr Toal has been remarkably calm and composed throughout this story period in local politics.

YH caught up with her in Carters Mead at the weekend.

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11 Comments for Labour leader busy campaigning in run up to local elections:

2018-05-01 08:07:28

Good points, well made and the very opposite of what we've come to expect from the Tories who have had zero imagination on this campaign beyond rumour, smear and scaremongering. So that's no imagination then. Maybe Labour are tipped to do well but ain't nowt for certain in this game, which is precisely why you'll see Labour councillors and activists out not just at election time but nigh every weekend even when there isn't a vote coming up. This is a party that refuses to sit on its laurels and is very concerned with the issues and worries of the electorate, working hard for the people of Harlow to make the lives of the many that bit easier, as opposed to a narrow few that can afford to dodge tax and get favours from this shambolic "government". May 3rd is where it starts, let's build a better community, country and world, free from the grey dystopian fantasy of a Conservative Party bent on blaming the poor, disabled and minority groups for all social ills.

2018-05-01 10:23:13

The REDS begat poverty. Recent figures show that every time labour has headed Westminster, austerity becomes a must. Spendthrifts and chancers. Spent all the money and bequeathed us all PFI. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL. The REDS have never understood the nuances of finance because, the Tories have always had to straighten up the appalling debts that they've left behind.

2018-05-01 12:11:40

JFQ,still living in a socialist echo chamber.

2018-05-01 12:31:33

George Osborne increased the debt by more in five years than Labour did in 13. From The Spectator, no less... https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2013/11/the-tories-have-piled-on-more-debt-than-labour/ A £1 million pot to improve neighbourhoods AT YOUR PERIL! HTS putting hundreds of thousands of pounds back into the town AT YOUR PERIL! Council tax frozen for Harlow AT YOUR PERIL! Labour organising demonstrations against the closure of Osler House and the growing problem of potholes in the town while Harlow Tories sit on their hands and do nothing AT YOUR PERIL! Harlow Labour out almost every weekend of the year while Harlow Tories practically go out in camouflage and never knock on anyone's door AT YOUR PERIL!

2018-05-01 13:41:46

Same old non-sense. Always in DENIAL. Most, couldn't lie in bed straight, never mind about a straight answer. Repitition of, blah, blah, blah etc. How could any sensible vote for them. VOTE LABOUR at your PERIL. North Sea oil and labour = ZERO.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-05-01 15:25:25

Emma is hard working full stop. For the Labour Party, for the Council, and for the Town. She has a huge workload, and discharges all her duties efficiently and skillfully. On issues such as Osler House closure, she still found time to stand in protest in the cold and snow, as well as all the work she has put in unseen, in the background. She has negotiated in good faith with a CCG which has not. Emma put in real work on this issue from the moment it entered the public domain ... unlike the 'gesture politics' of our local MP, who simply stands up in the house to make a fatuous statement in the full knowledge that his party's policies have precipitated the crisis.

2018-05-01 16:25:59

I think Micky's finally had too much tea with his full English breakfast. Now I know where the inspiration for the Harry Enfield character Kevin the teenager came from.

2018-05-01 18:27:03

Jerry, you , along with the Harlow Labour administrating party, need to Stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Harlow residents. It's the first-time in six years of being the Harlow administrating party the Labour party here in Harlow have frozen the council Tax and they only done it this year because the Essex county council Tory administrating party increased it. If the council Tax was not increased by the Tory administrated county council then there in no doubt that the Harlow Labour administrating party would of increased it. The people of Harlow have had enough of the two main parties playing playground games and trying to point score by feeding the Harlow residents with promises that they can not fulfil and will be broken. From ukip Cllr Dan long. Love Harlow vote ukip.

2018-05-01 19:24:15

I'm a Harlow resident and my eyes are wool-free. You only need to look at the Tory strategy this time around (don't worry, it's the same as last time), full of scaremongering and smear, to know that they have no positive ideas of their own. It's unfortunate that you see the two main parties using Harlow as a playground fight. But surely a freeze in council tax, a bit of cash for neighbourhoods and profits being redistributed into the town instead of disappearing into shareholders' pockets is a good thing?

2018-05-02 12:34:18

Ah, appears to be a bout of jealousy from jfq about dividends that investors are paid. Go and buy some, they're available. By your comment you favour the capitalist system. Good enough for China, Russia and quite a few more besides. Remember the wealth of oil that Venezuela had, they're broke too. Seems like a fervent period of Marxism did for them. VOTE LABOUR or momentum at YOUR PERIL.

2018-05-02 15:05:18

NEWSFLASH: Russia hasn't had a Communist economy for two decades or more. No jealousy from me, Micky. But yeah. You stay in what others have determined to be your "place" and don't forget to bow and scrape now! Already getting the dividend, darling. The benefit of the Labour Council policy of bringing the maintenance of the town back in house and having more cash to spend on Harlow itself.

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