Harlow Council Election Results: Labour retain power but big inroads for Conservatives

News / Thu 3rd May 2018 at 10:58pm

By Adam Spartley

LABOUR retained power at Harlow Council but it was a night that all parties could be positive about.

Labour gained Bush Fair but will have been disappointed to have not gained Staple Tye. That will be a blow to the newly installed prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) Laura McAlpine. Be in no doubt that a PPC who fails to win a ward will be jumped upon by her opponents.

But the bottom line is that they are back in power.

Interview with leader Emma Toal.

The Conservatives will be overjoyed at winning Staple Tye. They saw a swing of 11% and will go back into the chamber with a real spring in their step.

Interview with deputy leader, Cllr Joel Charles.

UKIP lost their two seats they were defending but with their vote hovering around the 100 mark they will be encouraged.

The Harlow Alliance Party
will be very pleased at polling 193, 148 and 84 in their first election.

Bush Fair

Andrea Hardware (Conservative Party): 634
Eugenie Harvey (Labour Party): 733
Dan Long (Ukip): 180
Christopher Robins (Lib Democrats): 82

Maj: 99
Lab Gain
Turnout: 29.12%

Church Langley

Tony Hall (Conservative Party): 1,203
Pat Long (Ukip): 103
Jake Shepherd (Labour Party): 451

Maj: 752
Cons Hold
Turnout: 27.90%

Great Parndon

Shona Johnson (Conservative Party): 877
Allan Jolley (Labour Party): 560
Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party): 193

Maj: 317
Cons Hold
Turnout: 32.83%

Harlow Common

Mike Carr (Harlow Alliance Party): 149
Maggie Hulcoop (Labour Party): 813
Anita Long (Ukip): 106
Tom Reynolds (Conservative Party): 639

Maj: 174
Lab Hold
Turnout: 30.71%

Little Parndon and Hare Street

Tony Durcan (Labour Party): 965
Patsy Long (Ukip): 101
Stevie Soutar (Conservative Party): 533

Maj: 432
Lab Hold
Turnout: 25.83%

Mark Hall

Andrew Colley (Conservative Party): 503
Danny Purton (Labour Party): 761
Lesley Rideout (Lib Democrats): 121
Abbey Ward (Ukip): 140

Maj: 258
Lab Hold
Turnout: 29.31%


Jake Brackstone (Conservative Party): 601
Michael Danvers (Labour Party): 791
Marian Lestrange (Ukip): 97
Robert Thurston (Lib Democrats): 65

Maj: 190
Lab Hold
Turnout: 28.36%

Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Conservative Party: 1,303
Liam Kerrigan (Labour Party): 586
Christopher Millington (Lib Democrats): 127

Maj: 717
Cons Hold
Turnout: 31.59%

Staple Tye

Mark Gough (Ukip): 154
Michael Hardware (Conservative Party): 574
Laura McAlpine (Labour Party): 573

Maj: 1
Cons Gain
Turnout: 27.04%

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Nicholas Churchill (Conservative Party): 907
Aiden O’Dell (Labour Party): 678

Maj: 229
Cons Hold
Turnout: 30.01%


Tony Edwards (Labour Party): 856
Peter Lamb (Conservative Party): 551
Alan Leverett (Harlow Alliance Party): 84
Chris Ward (Ukip): 103

Maj: 305
Lab Hold
Turnout: 29.08%

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3 Comments for Harlow Council Election Results: Labour retain power but big inroads for Conservatives:

2018-05-04 06:05:52

Congratulations to all the winners. Commiserations to all the losers.

2018-05-04 08:01:17

Congratulations to all Labour candidates that stood, ours was a campaign full of positivity, energy and pride, offering Harlow residents the chance of a better future for the town. Let's keep that going as we fan out across the town listening to concerns and keeping visible whether there is an election coming up or not. I'm deeply proud of you all and even more proud to be a tiny part of this great movement. Right. Who's up for a bit more?

2018-05-04 14:58:17

I would like to congratulate Mrs Harvey on her success last night, gaining Bush fair. I would like to thank all the Residents of Bush fair for electing me in back in 2014, it has been very rewariding to of been the local councillor for the Residents of Bush fair and Harlow. I am glad that I was able to be there and to be the voice for my number one priority and that is the residents of Bush fair and Harlow. I will still be around to be there for you all and as the Terminator famously said, I will be back. Once again thank you to you all for putting your trust and faith in me and electing me back in 2014 to be your local councillor for a great and rewarding four years. From Dan long of ukip Harlow.

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