Harlow woman comes to the rescue after poor little lamb stolen from Pets’ Corner

News / Tue 8th May 2018 am31 07:05am

Veronica Lamb

A KIND-hearted Harlow resident came to the rescue after a lamb stolen from Pets’ Corner turned up on her doorstep.

On Friday night, Veronica Johannsson, was in her bedroom at Tanyard Place overlooking the Town Park when she heard a “bleating noise”.

Mrs Johannsson said: “I thought I was hearing things. I opened the door and there was this lost little lamb on my doorstep.

“There was a group of males standing nearby. One of them said he worked at a local kebab shop so I wasn’t handing the lamb to him!

“I rang the police but they weren’t interested so I got in contact with Kew Vets in Wych Elm.

“I am an animal lover and wanted the little love in a safe place, so I drove up the road and handed him over.

YH has since discovered that the lamb was stolen from Pets’ Corner.

A source told us that CCTV captured images of masked individuals, climbing into the petting zoo and stealing a lamb.

The good shepherdess Veronica went down to Pets Corner on Saturday to check on the little lamb.

She said: “I asked what it’s name was but they told me they don’t have names just numbers. The stolen lamb was number 13!

“I guess he was unlucky to be stolen but lucky to be still alive.

Pets’ Corner Manager, Justin Hopwood said: “We were shocked to discover that one of the new born lambs had been stolen over the weekend.

We have CCTV footage and the Police are investigating the incident. It is sad to think that someone would steal an animal from one of the town’s jewels in the crown and potentially put the life of an innocent little lamb at risk.

We are thankful that she is ok after her ordeal and that she is back with her family at Pets’ Corner.

“We would like to thank Veronica for looking after her and reuniting one of our baby lambs with us. Fortunately there was no damage to the facility and nothing else was taken.”

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