Decision on a new hospital in Harlow may come as early at Summer 2018

News / Wed 9th May 2018 at 09:32am

Decision on a New Hospital in Harlow May Come As Early at Summer 2018

ON TUESDAY in Parliament, Harlow MP Robert Halfon asked the Hospital Minister to confirm that Harlow is at the “top of the list” for capital funding and that the town will get the new hospital it “desperately needs”.

In response, Hospital’s Minister Stephen Barclay recognised the poor condition of Princess Alexandra Hospital’s estate and explained that “NHS Improvement is working with the trust to develop an estate and capital strategy by summer 2018”. This will then be assessed for the Government’s next capital investment announcement.

The Minister also agreed to a meeting with the Harlow MP to further discuss his campaign for a new hospital in Harlow.

https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2018-05-08/debates/550D2304-3459-49AF-A289-ECAF355218BD/TopicalQuestions#contribution-B12C6C65-AF3C-4D5A-8E41-0532CFC20678Halfon Hosp

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5 Comments for Decision on a new hospital in Harlow may come as early at Summer 2018:

2018-05-09 10:15:44

Another triumph for RH. I suppose that it wont be the last. Never out in front crowing about achievements, he just gets on with his job. We're lucky to have him.

2018-05-09 11:21:55

If merely asking questions is a triumph, when he dies Bamber Gascoigne must be taking God's place. And I don't even believe in God. Why not refurbish the one we have now? There's enough land after all, and improvements are being constantly made. It's a central location and easy to get to from people out of town too. I'd be interested to know if the Tory ministers, making this decision, and perhaps Bob himself, have any interests in construction companies or estate agents. They'll be swarming over that site like vultures if it's vacated.

2018-05-09 12:29:13

The problem for the Harlow Labour Party is that in it's Local Plan, it proposes that 650 homes are built on the site once the hospital moves and therefore if it doesn't move they will have to find sites elsewhere in the town. It does make sense for the hospital to remain where it is. There always seems to be work going on there and to pull it down seems to to be a waste of the money spent in recent years. A multi storey car park would free up a lot of space within the grounds for new buildings to be built. Placing a new hospital on the outside of Harlow's borders will do nothing but increase traffic around it and make it more difficult to get there as well.

2018-05-10 09:11:40

The existing hospital fabric is not fit for purpose, is severely constrained by the size of the existing site, and while urgent work is required to stabilise it now, no amount of refurbishment will extend its life more than 5 to 10 years. Even if refurbishment were an option (and this was one of the options considered), there would be significant disruption to existing stretched and inadequate facilities for many years. In short, the only viable option is a new hospital, as part of a multi-disciplinary health campus (including Mental Health, Primary Care, social care and probably supported housing and nurse accommodation) in or around Harlow. The Hospital Trust, both Clinical Commissioning Groups (West Essex and East Herts) all the relevant local councils (Harlow Council, Epping Forest Council and East Herts Council, and both County Councils) and many individuals, including myself,have been campaigning on this, lobbying NHS England, the Department of Health and government ministers for some time. Hopefully it will come to fruition soon, and is an essential piece in the jigsaw for Harlow's growth and renaissance (along with other infrastructure improvements, housing, and skills development). Now, just need to sort out the 4-tracking of the West Anglia Mainline .......

2018-05-10 16:32:27

Now this is interesting, a little bird told me that any new hospital would in fact be smaller but would "do more". Voodoo economics if ever I heard it. No doubt this will be the start of a brave new Tory world of hospitals being built with the hated Health and Social Care Act 2012 at its heart. And if it's anything like that act, prepare for chaos as the Conservative Party prove that the NHS is never safe in their hands. But then when it all goes wrong, the incredible powers of denial of Bob "India House, cheap at twice the price when you're not paying for it yourself" Halfon will come to the fore once again.

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