Exhibition showcases luxury flats on Lister House site.

News / Fri 11th May 2018 at 08:19am

Staple Lister

CONTROVERSIAL plans for luxury flats in Staple Tye were showcased in Harlow on Thursday night.

The event was advertised on Facebook just three hours before the exhibition at St James Church began, much to the consternation of residents and Conservative councillors.

YH went to the exhibition where a film of the flats on offer, with penthouse suites and underground parking, played on a loop.

The apartments are on the site of the “old” Lister House, overlooking Southern Way.

The architects behind the plans said they had leafletted the area.

The portfolio holder for regeneration, cllr Tony Durcan was at the event. He later stated on Twitter that it was “Wonderful to have so much local positive interest in the new homes being built to replace the old Lister house surgery.

“Public exhibition this evening with more community engagement to follow.”

YH was at the event between 5.40pm and 6.10 pm and counted four members of the public.

Members of the newly formed Harlow Alliance Party were also there and we will be interviewing them soon.

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4 Comments for Exhibition showcases luxury flats on Lister House site.:

2018-05-11 11:23:40

Someone should go into Lister House and take some photos before it's knocked down, place is like a time capsule. It looks like it hasn't changed since the 60s and there's a sign saying "no stiletto heels" on the wall. Each to their own, but personally I'd take mine off before entering a dentist...

2018-05-11 12:18:38

Luxury flats eh,just what the town needs when people have been waiting for years for a place,who owns the present site is it the council,NHS,who gets the money from the sale of the land(no not the brown envelope) I just hope they cannot sell them due to the smell of curry and kebabs.

2018-05-11 13:38:11

The Harlow Alliance Party have a number of concerns about this site, which does not bode well for Labours Local Plan. These are the facts: 1 This site is owned by Harlow Council, who swapped the land where the new Lister House is being built. The latter piece of land is much bigger and must have been far more valuable, so one has to wonder if the Council got a good deal. 2 This site is one of 21 on the Local Plan, which has not even been out to it's final public consultation, and yet specific plans have been brought forward already. The Local Plan states that the shopping Mews and Council depot nearby are to be included and that 42 homes will be built on it. However the Mews are not owned by the Council and thus 42 homes are having to be squeezed onto just the Lister House site. 3 Luxury flats indeed, is this what Harlow needs to be built on Council land? We think not. 4 The homes will be just a few yards from Southern Way, the noise from traffic and fumes must surely be of concern to Councillors when looking at this planning application. The homes should be built as far from the traffic as the size of the site allows. Surely a sound barrier will be needed? 5 The consultation undertaken by the council was very poor, If Cllr Durkin thinks this was a success, he should try and find a document that was produced by the council in the 1990's for all staff and councilors which explained how proper consultation should take place. Everyone living in the Staple Tye area should have been leafleted and an article placed on the council's website well in advance. 6 A similar exercise was undertaken about land at Bushey Croft recently, a planning application has now been made. This site is not even on the Local Plan list. Harlow Council seem to have two systems running in parallel when it comes to housing sites. How many other green field sites are going to come forward in this way? 7 Finally, plans are afoot to demolish part of the Terminus Street car park to be replaced with 155 flats. A consultation exercise was undertaken in March, I wonder how many Harlow residents were aware of this? Not many I suspect.

2018-05-13 17:10:30

Top notch sensitivity from Jarrett, just happening to mention what is primarily food originating from an ethnic minority. A complete coincidence I'm sure...

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