Robert Halfon on Town Centre: “We must not let it become a no go zone”

News / Tue 22nd May 2018 at 08:28am

Town Centre May 18

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon has called on Essex Police to take more action as he fears that Harlow Town Centre is under threat of becoming a “No Go Zone”.

Mr Halfon has spoken to shopkeepers as well as residents of Adams House.

Residents feel like they are under siege and shopkeepers have described it as “living under terrorism”.

Mr Halfon has said: “There must not be no go areas in Harlow and especially the town centre.”

YH has also spoke to shopkeepers, who have spoken of their fears and we will be focussing more on their concerns later in the week.

Essex Police posted a picture on social media of three officers on Broad Walk in th early afternoon. YH was in the area on Monday night and did not see a single police officer.

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4 Comments for Robert Halfon on Town Centre: “We must not let it become a no go zone”:

2018-05-22 11:31:38

If only Bob had the chance to vote against the public sector pay freeze and stand up in the Commons to damn his Party's cuts in policing. When was the last time the MP saw a bobby on the beat? Cuts in police numbers equal more crime, because criminals think they can get away with more. It really isn't rocket science. But, as ever, the Tories are waging their holy war on the unions and are using the public as human shields. Putting the public's safety at risk, when the first duty of a government is to keep them safe, to push through their ideological agenda is unforgivable.

Brett Hawksbee
2018-05-22 18:12:51

Dear Mr 'Where's the Camera' Halfon. Ever thought that such language might just be fuelling the fire? And those shopkeepers ... did they suggest the root of their fear is the absence of a response, should they need police support? 22,000 less Police Officers equals a more attractive environment for criminality, equals more crime. More crime in a given area, equals greater fear of becoming a victim of crime. Greater fear equals reduced general public in the area, equals the primacy of the criminal in a given space. A space we might call a 'no go zone'. To suggest that 'Essex, getting another couple of hundred police officers' will have any bearing on the problem is the triumph of hope over experience. Essex Police have the lowest number of officers per head of any police force in England with just 1 officer per 6000 residents. Allow for shift working for 24/7 cover and you have one per every maybe 18000 at any given moment. That is why you no longer see 'Bobbies on the beat'. The government of which Mr Halfon is a part must also address the many complex reasons for contemporary criminality, not least the alienation and disenfranchisement felt by many people, making their way in a society which offers them nothing, and cares even less. The law abiding residents of Harlow recognise that those who have nothing, have nothing to lose. Robert Halfon you and your government are currently tasked with looking after the health and wellbeing of ALL Harlow residents. If as you suggest may be the case gangs are 'coming up from London' then you, your austerity, your cuts, your alienation of whole sections of society are the reasons why, and it is YOUR job to improve the lives of the people of Harlow. Your job is not writing strongly worded letters to all and sundry, as if the fault were theirs; it is to vote AGAINST cutting police officers, AGAINST cutting funding to the probation service ... against the literally hundreds of individual bills which have reduced the people of Harlow to being afraid to walk the streets.

2018-05-26 06:40:23

Enough police to go around, but, they only appear interested in vehicles. By their own admission, all the vehicles out there contain would be criminals. dealing in all sorts of illicit activity. Stop the car, cut the crime. Really.

2018-07-28 06:33:12

PFI and the Gulf War. Enough money to do whatever, but,BLIAR and Brown for their own reasons, spent our kitty. Reds dragging us down again. Disgraceful bunch of people. School holidays are upon us, so, the rail unions decide to start strikes again. It just goes on and on.

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