Eleven Iraqis and Iranians discovered in back of lorry at Mayfield Farm in Harlow

News / Fri 8th Jun 2018 at 10:01am

Update: Statement from Home Office

Home Office immigration officers were contacted by Essex Police on Friday 8 June after police officers attended at Mayfield Farm, Sheering Road, Old Harlow.

Eleven people, who presented themselves as being from Iraq and Iran, were found on a lorry.

The group was made up of a family of five – two adults and three children – four men and two minors.

The two minors have been referred to social services.

The Home Office will progress all the cases in accordance with immigration rules.

Where someone has no right to remain in the UK, we will take action to remove them.


Update: Statement from Essex Police

“We were called to Sheering Road, Harlow around 10am this morning, June 8, following reports of people inside the back of a lorry.

“Officers found 11 people within the lorry’s container. They were detained and are being transferred to the care of immigration officials.


Mayfield 3

EMERGENCY services swooped on Mayfield Farm on the Harlow border after a number of individuals were seen jumping from a lorry.

The incident happened just after 10.15am this morning (Friday) at the Mayfield Farm on Sheering Road in Old Harlow.

When a YH reporter arrived there was several police and ambulances at the scene.

A group of men were sitting cross legged, surrounded by police officers. A female police officer was supplying them with food.

There was also a group of men, women and children seated in a large police van. They were being monitored by the paramedics.

A police sergeant was inspecting a large articulated lorry that had its back doors open.

There were a number of clothed items in the back of the lorry.

YH has contacted the Home Office for more information.

More follows.

Mayfield 2

Mayfield 1

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20 Comments for Eleven Iraqis and Iranians discovered in back of lorry at Mayfield Farm in Harlow:

2018-06-08 20:06:34

The land of Free Stuff,Inshallah.

2018-06-08 20:22:32

Jarrett proving beyond doubt that the Tories and their supporters don't have an Islamophobia problem, right?

2018-06-09 06:44:14

Disgraceful comments yet again from this bigoted Marxist. Accusations of racism against the Tories and their supporters. How did these people get into a locked container that would also have had a numbered HMCE seal on it as well. English number plates too. Some-one will have a lot of explaining to do.

2018-06-09 18:43:30

The first commenter made an ethnic slur against Islam. If you think my opposition to it is, and I quote, "disgraceful", you're telling the whole world a whole lot about yourself. Baroness Warsi, a Tory member of the House of Lords and a Muslim herself, among many others has drawn attention to this. Is she wrong? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2018/may/31/muslim-council-calls-for-inquiry-into-conservative-party-islamophobia How about Peter Lamb (or is that a bit too close to home for you?) comparing Islam, an entire religion of over a billion people, to alcoholism? Or perhaps Rosemary Carroll, comparing Asian people to dogs? I'm waiting...

2018-06-10 06:01:57

Rubbish, you presume to cast anybody who has a different opinion as a this or that. You accuse any Tory supporters as tax dodgers,and worse. Typical Marxist troll. As usual no actual comment about the subject at hand. Waste of space on every utterance,not much to say about anything really except to contradict virtualy

2018-06-10 06:06:00

OOPS. everybody who contributes. Most have said on this site that you are rude, arrogant and economical with the truth. They don't lie.

2018-06-10 06:34:49

Rude? Pop quiz: who just called someone a waste of space? Not me. Lies? I supply links when prompted from legitimate sources. Disrespectful? I don't repeatedly call someone a troll.

2018-06-10 06:37:56

How's about a comment on the illegals ?

2018-06-10 06:40:31

We have a system to deal with illegal immigration. End of story. All of this is light and noise to cover up the fact that you're defending someone making ethnic slurs against a whole group of people. We've seen this before with your sly references to diversity. If I were Your Harlow, I'd ban you before you give them a bad reputation.

2018-06-10 06:42:49

Come on Micky, tell us what your problem is with foreigners. We all know your comments are building up to something...

2018-06-10 07:04:25

Labour and Momentum activist kicked out for being racist to-wards Jewish people. YET AGAIN Last week. No racism.in your party then? I defend my right to my own opinion,not like Momentum/Labour and yourself. It's what would be ideal for the, "our opinion only" brigade. Calling me to banned for not agreeing with you. Accusing me yet again of some-thing of which you have no knowledge of. You have an ab-normal PC in your DNA, the undertones that your so fond of portraying, are in you imagination only. The "if I were" comment, just about sums you up jfq.

2018-06-10 07:30:37

That's not an answer to my question...

2018-06-10 07:48:24

Isn't it really the case that you don't know many people from outside of your own small group and therefore believe every lie you're fed about people from other countries because you're happy to be lied to as long as it reinforces your prejudices?

2018-06-10 10:02:26

Again, you classify your opinions as usual, over anothers perception. The only lies I seem to get, are the ones spouted by JC and his momentum clan, including yourself. Go and have a chat with yourself in the mirror, that's the only thing that will portray any agreement to your miserable existence. Amen to you.

2018-06-10 10:40:25

I think I've found the answer here, after months of nudge nudge wink wink we've finally found what bothers Micky most. I'd say it was a surprise but it's really not.

2018-06-10 20:54:07

The first commenter made an ethnic slur against Islam,end quote far from it perhaps the fact they have crossed 4 or 5 borders to reach the UK escapes yourself plus the load if foodstuff will be rejected and destroyed,the driver charged IF complicit and the transport Co fined,what sort of cost do you think this will cost the taxpayer in with police,ambulance immigration dept with the paperwork alone. You may want to live in some sort of multi cultural nirvana but at the end of the day the taxpayer foots the bill.

2018-06-11 11:27:44

Yes it was in fact an ethnic slur, "free stuff" is false because immigrants are net contributors to the UK economy, and "inshallah" just to make sure we know who you're targeting. And now this last one. Just stopped short of saying "well they're all the same, innit?" but that is precisely what you mean. Just admit it. We already know what you are. This is the kind of divisive rhetoric that makes this country a global laughing stock.

2018-06-11 15:16:12

You're Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie rolled into one jfq. Always trying to accuse something anywhere by everybody except yourself, and your shadow, and champagne marxist, Hawksbee. Sadly for you, your're up the creek as usual. When asked to comment on these illegals, you ran away and reverted back to insulting other people. Whatever you're using,I'd suggest giving it a rest.

2018-06-11 16:28:24

For the second time I'll ask if you can read, Micky. Either that or you have a terrible memory. I've already said illegal immigration is a problem. That's not running away, that's recognising a fact. I'd be interested to know how many people from ethic minorities you yourself know. Someone that treats them with the contempt that you do can't know many, as your rhetoric sounds like it's parroted from the pages of the Daily Mail. The real issue is that illegal immigration is mostly a result of the west's meddling in things that don't concern them, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the list goes on and on. When will we learn that our way of life is not for us to impose on people in foreign lands? Especially as its riddled with its own inequalities. It's the same colonialist attitude that has shamed and continues to shame our country centuries after the events. Pick a global hot-spot of hate and division and the likelihood is that its a country or area that was touched by the oppressive, pillaging disgraceful project that some teary eyed forelock tuggers call the Empire.

2018-06-12 06:34:36

If this is your honest opinion of our wonderful country I suggest that you should emigrate jfq. Just an aside, my daughter is married to a guy from Antigua. Forget your hatred of all others who don't think like you, that's almost every-body. You're ANTI GB. You have stated that you're an immigrant, from where? Most immigrants come here as economic fund seekers, knowing that we are one of the most generous nations on the planet.

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