Should the Harlow Playhouse been shut so Countess of Wessex could be granted a private viewing of a show?

News / Tue 26th Jun 2018 at 05:14pm

ON Monday night, Harlow Playhouse “tweeted” that they would be shut on Tuesday morning for a private event.

On Tuesday morning, we discovered that the theatre, funded by the taxpayer, was shut, so that the Countess of Wessex, funded by the taxpayer, could have a private showing of a performance by theatre group, Razed Roof.

Harlow Council informed us that there was also a strictly no press rule as well.

YH was a little bit surprised as over the years, press have always been welcome to royal visits. In the last five years, we have reported on visits from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Duke and Duchess of Cornwall to name just a few.

It also strikes us as odd that a left wing council would shut out its own residents so a member of the royal family could be given a private viewing of a show.

You never know when people go all Downton Abbey on you do you?

Still, one of our reporters did notice how unbelievably clean Second Avenue was this morning, even the litter strewn area opposite the Harlow Leisurezone was a green and pleasant land.

Just a few days ago, a programme to promote our town called Discover Harlow was launched at the Harlow Playhouse. The event was all about the positive promotion of Harlow. Good luck with that………..

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1 Comment for Should the Harlow Playhouse been shut so Countess of Wessex could be granted a private viewing of a show?:

2018-06-27 10:12:53

An massive own goal by Your Harlow! No doubt through total ignorance and political malice Your Harlow has made a huge error with this report. Razed Roof is an inclusive theatrical group for the benefit of disabled adults in the Harlow and surrounding areas. The largest group are those with Downs Syndrome but this in not the case for all the disabled members some who have other complex disabilities. It would seem that Your Harlow wishes to deprive disabled people from showcasing their achievements which have not only given the charity Razed Roof the "Queens Award" for the work they do with disabled people in the Harlow area but also been rewarded with a visit by the Countess of Wessex for the production yesterday. Most of those who work with Razed Roof are volunteers who work tirelessly for the cause of disabled adults. The ignorance of Your Harlow is astounding. Clearly Your Harlow does not believe that disabled people have any value and seek to attack their achievements. Perhaps they should return to their care homes and hide away rather than be allowed to showcase their skills at the Harlow Playhouse? Understandably the attendance yesterday by The Countess of Wessex had to be arranged with great care for security reasons which is why the production was not advertised and why attendance was restricted. It would seem that Your Harlow would rather put the life of the Countess at risk as they would the lives of the disabled adult performers by this unfair and ridiculous comment. How many Harlow residents were prevented from enjoying a production at the Playhouse yesterday morning? None of course as no shows were scheduled, so this article is just a wicked attack on the disabled in our community. Sadly the comment has had a terrible effect on all those disabled members of Razed Roof who were so happy and felt so honoured by the opportunity to perform for Sophie. All that good work and good feeling has now been undone by a stupid, ill informed and nasty attack upon them. Shame on you Your Harlow.

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