Robert Halfon welcomes Government’s social housing investment

News / Wed 27th Jun 2018 at 12:00pm

ROBERT Halfon has welcomed the Government’s investment in social housing. £1.67 billion was announced as part of the boost to social housing across England. Around 23,000 new affordable homes will be delivered, including at least 12,500 social rent homes in high cost areas in a move to support families struggling to pay their rent.

In Harlow, average council house rents have reduced to just over £91 per week whilst private sector rents have risen to more than twice that. The new investment will go to towns outside of London where private sector rents are more than £50 higher per week than public sector rents. This makes Harlow a prime candidate for new social housing investment.

The funding comes on top of the £260,500 investment that Harlow Council will receive to support its work on rough sleeping, announced earlier this month.

The social housing funding announcement also coincides with Robert’s letter to the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. In the letter, Robert asked the Minister what the government is doing to ensure that a sufficient number of houses are built to supply the increasing demand.

In his letter, Robert explained:

“Homelessness is rising, and house prices and rents are moving beyond affordability. Grown-up children are spending more time living at home, and people are renting for longer, as they find it increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder… Despite the news coverage, this isn’t just a problem for young people. Increasing difficulty to get on the housing ladder means that fewer and fewer middle-aged tenants will be able to afford a mortgage.”

Following the announcement, Robert Halfon said:

“I really welcome this huge government investment in social housing. The funding could reduce the cost of living for so many Harlow families. It will boost the social housing stock so that more hardworking Harlow people will be able to live comfortably and safely in suitable homes.

More and more people are moving into the private rented sector. With private rents almost double that of rent for social housing in Harlow, it’s clear that more needs to be done to ensure that families are able to afford to live in a comfortable home and put food on the table.

I work hard everyday for Harlow residents. I made my thoughts on the housing crisis very clear in my letter to the Housing Secretary and I’ve worked closely with Streets2Homes over the years. I’m incredibly pleased to see that the Government is listening. This investment will help to build an even better Harlow and to cut the cost of living for hardworking Harlow families.”

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5 Comments for Robert Halfon welcomes Government’s social housing investment:

2018-06-27 14:38:21

What an insult this is coming from The Nasty Party that sold off our social housing stock and didn't build any more because in the words of David Cameron "it would only create more Labour voters". The Conservative Party are like an arsonist that sets fire to a building then complains that everything burns. They're a government without meaning, ideas or direction and are embarrassing on an international scale. Time to put them to bed and time for a country that works for all not just a narrow few.

2018-06-27 15:23:15

"In a statement, Robert Halfon said," is that a bandwagon? Don't mind if I do! ""

2018-06-27 15:59:30

This really is a case of smoke and mirrors from both the Tory Party and Robert Halfon. Since 2012 over 60.000 council homes nationally have been sold under the new right to buy discount scheme and despite promises from the Tory Government that they would be replaced like for like,the ratio is about 7 sold with 1 replacement. If councils had been allowed to keep all the money from these sales many more homes could have been built. 23000 homes are just a drop in the ocean to what is needed and with over 4000 people on Harlow Council's waiting list, very few are likely to see any benefit from this so called investment in social housing which in reality is just money being returned by the Treasury who of course took the money from the sale of the above council homes. I feel sure someone from Harlow Council could furnish details of how much the council has lost in capital receipts since 2012?

2018-07-06 11:24:06

How many houses did the REDS build when they were in the hot seat ? Far less than the Tories, and, they're still building.

2018-07-07 07:12:04

The housing crisis can be laid at the door of both parties. Neither have allowed the massive increase in council housing at council social rent levels that is needed to solve this problem. Between 1997 and 2010 under the Labour Government less than 600 council homes were built each year across the whole of the country. Since then, whilst far more have been built under the conservatives, it has been no-where near enough. So called affordable homes have been built in large numbers but for most of those needing homes they are not affordable and for many this means a life on housing benefits. Radical changes in the housing market are needed but both parties are stuck with their political dogma which stops them from making such changes.

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