Harlow councillor frustrated at state of repairs to Momples Road

News / Sat 25th Aug 2018 am31 11:08am

A VETERAN councillor has expressed his frustration at the state of repairs on a road in Harlow.

Momples Road runs from Howard Way to First Avenue. It was closed for a number of days in August whilst Essex County Council undertook repairs however, Netteswell councillor, Mike Danvers, is less than impressed with the work.

YH went down to Momples Road to speak to cllr Danvers.

We have contacted ECC and am awaiting a reply.

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11 Comments for Harlow councillor frustrated at state of repairs to Momples Road:

2018-08-25 13:20:50

Why has it took the Harlow Labour administration party this long to start making a song and dance of potholes. If I remember likely Cllr Danvers was a county councillor up until last May along with 2 other Labour councillor, supposedly representing the people of Harlow in Essex county council. I know that Essex county council is under Tory control and as been for a long time but should've Cllr Danvers along with the other two Former Labour county councillors been doing something about the pots holes in Harlow when they was in county council supposedly representing the people of Harlow and dont try telling me, yes but the county council is dominated by the Tories because Harlow district council is dominated by Labour but it didnt stop me doing what I was elected to do between 2014 and 2018 and that was to be the voice for the people of Harlow by making sure the Labour administration party of Harlow and Tory main opposition party of Harlow get the message residents of Bush fair and Harlow and trust me, both parties sure did. Talk about credit snatching coming from the left.

2018-08-25 14:33:23

Trust this administrating Labour Party to point score as usual don't blame other people for your failings to carry out repairs that should have been carried out instead of wasting our hard earned Council tax on useless oversized plant pots in the town centre, until you can give us a proper breakdown of what is spent on our Council tax as I have noticed that the emergency services only get a small percentage, whereas the District and County council get a larger percentage, stop squeezing people to the brink of poverty, just because some people own their own homes doesn't make us rich, so much for the Labour party being the working man's party. Before I finish, I have either gone blind or our three Labour Cllr's are invisible, as we never see them.

2018-08-25 14:49:13

Regardless of point scoring I suspect we can all agree on this one issue is that the roads and paths in Harlow haven’t been maintained as they should have been. It doesn’t take you long to find a broken pavement or pot hole. It doesn’t take long to see the poor state of kerbs and edging if the road that has an direct impact on cyclists. Now the politic point for years the voice of Harlow was ignored at county hall. Every meeting ,every event ,every committee and ever opportunity Mike ,Karen and myself made the case for Harlow. Even when our own Tory county councillor was put in charge of highways ,Harlow was ignored. Since Mays election we have seen no improvement and that with 4 Tory councillors. I question the relevance of ECC and would suggest bring the authority and the funding to a local level so we can determine the priorities for our community. My personal view at least. Anyone agree. Many thanks

2018-08-26 12:41:33

What Mike and Tony fail to mention is that a large majority of the potholes occur on unadopted highway, which are the responsibility of Labour's Harlow Council. Their record is equally as woeful. Time to stop the pointscoring, and work together to get the job done for the people!

tony durcan
2018-08-27 11:52:53

Mark does this mean you may be agreeing to my principle of having more local accountability and responsibility with funding. Not disputing we have a problem my suggestion is about a solution. Please never forget the pathways are an equal issue of concern. I think the road that the article is about is an ECC road as Mike mentions they have repaired it but clearly not successfully. Majority of the roads/paths in Harlow are ECC and the majority are still in need of repair. That’s the simple facts. Thank you.

2018-08-28 06:24:03

Cut the waffle, and use the massive surplus that this wretched council claims to have stashed away. Repairs shouldn't cost too much, in real terms. Maybe,stop the HGV's from using local roads and , stick some weight limit signs up, and enforce it. Around Old Harlow, some of the farms are used as storage facilities, and, we have, on a regular basis,50 tonne, 6 axle vehicles grinding the side roads up to get to them. Do you think that maybe they could also be part of the problem ?

tony durcan
2018-08-29 18:01:08

Can’t agree more it’s a crime that ECC are sitting on a massive surplus and they should splash the cash. Just wished HDC had a percentage of it. I still feel we need a new way of managing local services that is more accountable and responsible and roads and paths should be at the top of the list. Agree we need a new way of managing transport and weight limits are one solution. Just hope ECC councillors read this and take note . It’s good when we can agree in principle sometimes,it’s getting it done that the challenge. Thank you.

2018-08-30 10:18:45

Agree we need a new way of managing transport and weight limits are one solution.quote Tony it was a pity that you never replied to me when i contacted yourself and RH regarding extra hgv traffic going through the town when permission was given to Poundland to build a warehouse at the Pinnacles so i do not hold my breath regarding the above statement,also has anyone else noticed the increase in hgv's using Howard way to avoid the roadworks on Edinburgh way? as i said before part of Tesco's o licence conditions was that they use the a414 and this was enforced as i worked for them for a while whilst driving and it was suggested to yourself regarding Poundland but no response,it seems to me that politicians of all parties do not act or listen to what the people tell them and then wonder why they have a bigger problem to rectify.

tony durcan
2018-08-30 17:29:35

Jarrett sadly I don’t know who you are but can only apologise if you sent me an e mail that I didn’t reply too. Poundland was several years ago so not sure if you have the original. It was my understanding that weight restriction were being reviewed with ECC and clearly something wasn’t agreed. Happy to chat off line [email protected]

2018-08-30 22:57:07

The problem of both heavy vehicles and an increase in cars using the roads in Harlow is set to get even worse in the next few years. The owners of what is known as the GSK south site at the Pinnacles wanted to build houses on this site to help some of the 3000 people who will be moving to Harlow to work at the new research centre just across the road but were told not even to try to seek permission for a change in use. Instead there will now be half a dozen warehouses built there and like the Poundland lorries which use 2nd and 3rd Avenue every day to go from West to East and back to get across the town many more will now use this route. Allowing homes to be built on this site would have meant people could have walked or cycled to work and there would not be an increase in lorries travelling across town. When Junction 7a is built the temptation will be to travel from the Pinnacles, past the Fire Station and Burnt Mill School and on to the new junction.

2018-08-31 05:30:46

This so called, new junction, is going to be an enormous failure, and a massive disaster for the new housing estate on Gilden Way, Churchgate Street, and it's two schools,and the surrounding areas,awaiting even more development. We can bet our bottom dollars, that the people who design these types of projects, never live in the areas that they ruin.

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