Harlow paralympian Anne Wafula-Strike left on plane for 45 minutes

News / Wed 29th Aug 2018 am31 09:32am

A HARLOW Paralympian says she was “neglected” and left to wait on a plane for 45 minutes before airport staff helped her reports the BBC.

Anne Wafula-Strike was on a Ryanair flight to Stansted on Friday and had booked assistance a month in advance.

However, when the plane landed two hours behind schedule she found herself waiting as the other passengers collected their bags and left.

Mrs Wafula-Strike, 49, from Harlow in Essex, said: “I felt angry and very neglected, it’s not good when you are abandoned on a flight and everyone else is picking up their bags and walking off.

“That’s the time you start to think ‘I wish I could just walk like them and get my luggage and walk off the plane’ but I have to rely on assistance to get off, it was bad.”

When a staff member arrived to help the wheelchair racer she said they told her they were short staffed and had been unsure if her flight from Berlin had arrived.

Mrs Wafula-Strike said: “When someone like me speaks up or raises their voice people will think it is only happening to one or two people but it is becoming a common occurrence for people with disabilities to be left neglected on planes or not able to get into trains.

Ryanair said a company called Omniserv was responsible for assisting disabled passengers at Stansted.

A spokesman for the airport added: “We are disappointed to hear about Anne’s experience at Stansted on Friday evening.

“We are in the process of investigating how such a situation arose and have asked Omniserv, the company responsible for looking after passengers with reduced mobility, for a full explanation of why Anne had to wait for such a long time on the aircraft.”

Mrs Wafula-Strike received a payout after being forced to wet herself on a train last year.

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2 Comments for Harlow paralympian Anne Wafula-Strike left on plane for 45 minutes:

2018-08-30 06:56:25

If this lady ever gets caught in a traffic jam, like the motorists of Essex have been enduring this last couple of weeks, would she complain or............ I had the same experience last year waiting for some assistance, I got on with it as best I could. Another cash claim coming up ?

2018-08-30 13:43:29

The same happened to my wife last year, we had at least a 45 minute wait for the lift which failed to appear and she had to walk with great difficulty down the steps to a minibus. The Ryanair flight going back out were obviously delayed but the crew were very helpful while we waited.

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