Potholes… some joy at last claims Harlow council leader but bad news for Southern Way

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Potholes… some joy at last! But bad news for Southern Way

ON Wednesday (29 August) Labour Council Leader Mark Ingall met with Kevin Bentley, Essex County Councillor with responsibility for roads to discuss potholes, road signs and road safety in Harlow. As part of the meeting the Labour Leader drove Cllr Bentley around the town to show him first hand the many concerns that residents have been bringing to the attention of their ward Councillors.

“Harlow residents frequently complain to us about potholes” said Councillor Ingall, “it’s one of the top issues brought to our attention on the doorstep. The frustrating thing is that the responsibility for road maintenance lies with Essex County Council not with Harlow Council, so in order to improve things for our residents we have to persuade Essex to act, and that has been difficult – at times it’s seemed impossible.”

“However, this meeting with Councillor Bentley was different. He came with me to Church Leys and Northbrooks. He saw the potholed road surface and accepted that emergency repairs should be made to these estates and to Maddox Road, another estate we spoke about. His explanation was that Essex had prioritized main roads for the last few years to the detriment of estate roads, but that the time had come to change this policy.”

“It was good to hear the person responsible for Highways accept that the deterioration of some of our estate roads had gone too far and to hear him voice concern that these roads were dangerous for cyclists. And it’s great to know that repairs are now being prioritized.”

“Even though the repairs will be a quick fix at first, and it’s only to three of the many estates in urgent need, I hope that the insight I gave Councillor Bentley will encourage him to extend the emergency repairs to the rest of Harlow and that once the safety issue is addressed, proper long-term re-surfacing can commence.”

“It was however very disappointing to hear that repairs to Southern Way have now been delayed because the road was in a worse condition than first thought. It is becoming clear that for years now, Essex County Council has not budgeted enough to maintain Harlow’s road infrastructure and that the backlog of works is huge.”

“Residents can rest assured we will maintain pressure on Cllr Bentley and others in the Highways team at the County Council.”

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2 Comments for Potholes… some joy at last claims Harlow council leader but bad news for Southern Way:

tony edwards
2018-08-31 12:41:04

As a Toddbrook Ward District Councillor can I thank you Mark for your support regarding the roads in Northbrooks. It has taken Essex County Council far too long to fix dangerous pot holes and Councillor Bentley's explanation was that Essex had prioritised main roads for the last few years to the detriment of estate roads is simply not good enough. I now hope that the promised work will be carried out by Essex without any further delays. It would be good if the County Council would publish a timetable for the work so that there is clear date for when the work will be done. Once again many thanks Mark for your efforts on behalf of Harlow residents.

2018-09-01 13:24:27

This is positive news for the residents of Harlow but as I said in one of my last full council meetings before mays local elections. I have been on Essex county council's case regarding potholes for years, even before I got involved in local politics. Why has it took the Harlow Labour administrating party this long to start making a song and dance about potholes. The Harlow labour administrating had three county councillors compared to one Tory county councillor representing the residents of Harlow in Essex county council up until 2017. I know that Essex county council is Tory administrated but still those three Labour county councillors should have been the voice for the Harlow residents when they was in county council, that's one of the main reasons why councillors get elected, to be the voice for the local residents, regardless what party are the administrating party. Labour are the administrating party of Harlow, that didn't stop me from raising the opinions and concerns of the Harlow residents in full council for four years. The residents of Harlow deserve a much better service compared to what tgeyvare receiving from the Harlow Labour administrating party and the Tory county council administrating party.

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