Netteswellbury Farm Common Room here to stay for residents

News / Tue 4th Sep 2018 pm30 02:29pm

ELDERLY residents of Netteswellbury Farm in Bush Fair will continue to have use of their valued Common Room.

In late July residents raised concerns about a proposal to allow Harlow Educational Consortium to lease their Common Room as part of the new lease on the Harlow Study Centre, Monk’s Barn and Day Barn complex. They were deeply concerned that they would have reduced access to a facility that they have enjoyed for many years and which is vital to their residential community.

One of the residents said, “Although the Common Room is only booked for a few sessions each week, it’s actually used very often, with residents just dropping in to meet up and have a cup of tea.”

Immediately these determined elderly residents got together to protest the change of use, contacting the Leader of Harlow Council Mark Ingall to ask for support.

Following a meeting today with residents, (Tuesday 5 September), Cllr Mark Ingall said, “The tenants of this housing scheme were told when they moved into their homes to treat the Common Room as an extension of their living rooms, to entertain their families and to have informal get-togethers. This has been their custom and practice for many years, and as such it has served as an important part of their community. As the leader of a Labour Council, I could not countenance taking this facility away from them, and so I am delighted to say that any plans to include the Common Room in a new lease for the Study Centre have been shelved – permanently.”

“The elderly citizens of Harlow moved here in the early days of the New Town project, bravely setting about developing the town and creating new communities. This town owes them a debt of gratitude and they deserve to retire in peace and dignity.”

Cllr Ian Beckett accompanied Cllr Ingall to share the good news with Netteswellbury Farm residents, saying, “As well as being able to put their minds at rest we have now established a regular meeting with the residents to listen to concerns and where possible nip them in the bud. This is part of our on-going commitment to working closely with our many communities across Harlow”.

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