Harlow Council Leader’s pothole pressure on Essex County Council pays off

News / Fri 14th Sep 2018 am30 10:16am

Council Leader’s pothole pressure on Essex County Council pays off

THE leader of Harlow Council has reacted to news that a number of roads will soon have their potholes repaired.

Cllr Mark Ingall said: “This week I was pleased to see in my inbox an email from Essex County Council confirming that four estate roads full of potholes will be permanently repaired.

This action follows a recent meeting between the Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet member for Highways, Councillor Kevin Bentley, and myself. In August Cllr Bentley joined me on a tour of the town looking at some of the worse potholes on Harlow’s estate roads.

Currently the County Council’s prioritises repairs to main roads and not estate roads. However the email confirmed that permanent repairs will take place to the following estate roads (all dates are subject to weather):

Northbrooks – 13 September 2018

Maddox Road– w/c 17 September 2018

Momples Road – w/c 17 September 2018

Church Leys – w/c 25 September2018

I would like to thank Councillor Bentley for coming to Harlow and listening to our concerns. I look forward to continuing working with him to ensure our town’s pothole repairs are prioritised.

Although Harlow Council is not responsible for maintaining roads I am well aware of the problems and the frustrations of local drivers and cyclists about potholes. I’m under no illusions that there are more than these four estate roads which need repairing, but it is a promising start. Recently a resident on Harlow Council’s Facebook page compared the look of the town’s potholes to that of dinosaurs stomping through the town with footprints all over the roads and cycle tracks! I will continue to press the County Council on behalf of our residents to ensure that the repair of potholes on all roads and estate roads are prioritised.

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2018-09-15 16:42:45

Pity that he didn't straighten out a few of the pot-holes in his own Marxist pathway.

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