Deputy leader of Harlow Council decides to stand down

News / Tue 25th Sep 2018 at 10:53am

IT has just been announced that the deputy leader of Harlow Council, cllr Waida Forman has resigned.

Netteswell councillor Waida Forman also held the portfolio holder for Diversity and Equality.

Since being elected, cllr Forman has been at the heart of community and political issues. Only last week, her deft handling in response to difficult questions from the public and politicians at a council meeting was widely praised.

There will now be a By-Election but a date has yet to be set.

Brian Keane, Harlow Council’s Managing Director said: “Councillor Waida Forman has informed me that she has resigned as a councillor with immediate effect.

I would like to place on record my thanks to Waida for her service to both this Council and to Harlow while she has been a Councillor.

“A notice of vacancy for Councillor for the Netteswell Ward will be published on the Council’s website later today.”

Harlow Council leader, cllr Mark Ingall said: “I received an email from Waida stating her intention to resign as a Councillor last night. In it she spoke of her health, her family and wanting to have some peace in her life”.

“I have accepted her resignation and on behalf of the Council would like to thank her for the six years of service she gave to the residents of Netteswell.”

“Waida also asked for some privacy and I hope that wish will be respected”.

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22 Comments for Deputy leader of Harlow Council decides to stand down:

2018-09-26 07:27:03

All credit to Councillor Forman for years of service to Harlow.

2018-09-26 10:49:29

Very strange goings on within our local Momentum group. Perhaps leavers don't like to be bullied. Will not be the last.

2018-09-26 20:22:23

So yet another respected hard working councillor steps down to lose 1 is unfortunate to lose 4 is scandalous and shows what Momentum really are.

2018-09-27 19:07:06

What evidence is there that this resignation was anything to do with Momentum?

2018-09-27 19:29:21

BYE BYE. No sympathy. That's all I can say.

2018-09-28 10:43:33

PTK, you must have your eyes, ears and brain, set to blank out anything that disagrees with you perceptions. Just like the Momentumists who have taken over our council and are bullying their way forward,not for long. Do you think PTK, that any more councillors will resign ?

2018-09-28 13:28:12

I asked a question and got abuse. That is not the way to convince anyone of anything.

2018-09-29 07:32:38

If you deem my comment abusive PTK, I think you're,perhaps, a little too sensitive for me. The Momentum group in Harlow is backed up by some spiteful individuals, I'm surprised that you aren't aware, that's all. Too many resignations, ie, people being forced out by threat.

2018-09-29 19:07:00

I repeat my question: what evidence is there that this resignation was anything to do with Momentum? If you cannot provide any evidence for your assertion, then perhaps you should withdraw it.

2018-09-30 06:04:47

It appears that you are ignorant of the goings on with the local Marxist group. Check out the credentials of the leader, and the would be local candidate for Parliament. M O M E N T U M or ?

2018-09-30 14:13:24

I think that rational readers will conclude from the above exchange that there is no evidence whatsoever that the resignation from Harlow Council of Waida Forman had any connection to the activities of Momentum.

2018-10-01 05:54:47

A few months ago, this lady was the Joan of Arc to the local Marxists, and she enjoyed being so. Councillors have been forced out by the bullying of the Momentum group, proven by various comments, by said councillors. Where have you been for the last several months, PTK ?

2018-10-01 19:18:47

You have still not provided any evidence for your claim that the resignation of this councillor was connected to the activities of Momentum. Claims made without evidence are usually called lies.

Dave Whitney
2018-10-01 23:14:04


2018-10-02 06:17:21

PTK, playing Devil's Advocate appears to be your favourite option. Check back over the last six months or more and see what you can find, regarding Momentum specifically, look for comments a certain member of the local Labour party has made. Who is, a member of M. Calling people liars ? I presume that you're affiliated with the pre-mentioned group.

2018-10-02 14:20:12

It seems that there is a misunderstanding here of the concept of “evidence”. An example may suffice to explain the concept. If a motorist is in court on a charge of speeding, the fact he/she has been accused of speeding on previous occasions is irrelevant to the case under consideration. The previous allegations are not “evidence” of the guilt of the defendant. None of what has been written is evidence for the claim regarding the resignation of Councillor Forman. claim. The honourable and honest thing to do would be to admit that there is no evidence for the claim, and withdraw it.

2018-10-02 20:27:44

No if's or maybe. Check out the reports in Your H, around the time of the first of the resignations of councillors, you may find some answers. Anything you're suggesting is nonsense. Failing that, get someone to explain it to you.

2018-10-04 18:58:32

It seems to me that it would be a good thing if every person with an interest in the political process argued rationally for his/her political positions. Name-calling, smears, and false allegations are not political arguments. They promote irrationality. They are anti-democratic. They are demagogic. Those who resort to them demonstrate a lack of confidence in their ability to convince others of their own points of view. If readers carefully examine the exchange above they will find that not only is no evidence presented for the allegation with respect to the resignation of Waida Forman, but also that the person who made the allegation made a couple of statements that actually undermine the credibility of the allegation. If these statements are true, then the allegation makes no sense: it is literally nonsense. To reiterate: there is no evidence whatsoever that Momentum was responsible for the resignation of Waida Forman from Harlow District Council.

2018-10-05 06:03:24

Confusion reigns PTK. Maverick has already stated that Momentum are responsible for the bullying within the new council, causing several councillors to resign, starting with J Clempner, who stated that he wasn't prepared to accept any more abuse or bullying form the M group. I suggested that you should do your own search, but, it appears that you can't be bothered, so you revert to waffle of the highest degree.

2018-10-05 13:44:26

Joseph Stalin is reputed to have said something to the effect that “paper will take anything”, by which was meant that the fact that something is written down does not make it true. Given that no-one has been able to provide any evidence whatsoever for the allegation about the resignation of the Deputy Leader of Harlow Council made above, then the failure to withdraw the allegation can only be described as dishonest and dishonourable.

2018-10-05 14:12:26

Pointless !

2018-10-06 20:08:00


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