Harlow Council leader keeps up pressure on potholes

Harlow Council / Mon 1st Oct 2018 at 09:12am

Council Leader keeps up pressure on potholes

AFTER achieving some success by getting repairs made to the badly potholed roads in Northbrooks, Church Leys and Maddox Road, the Harlow Labour council leader is pressing for urgent repairs to be done on other estates.

Councillor Ingall said, “I was out this morning meeting residents in Netteswell, I walked along a road in The Hides and was shocked at the poor state of repair. I took these photos and you can see from them that in a stretch no more than 100m long, there are dozens of large potholes and a section of kerb that is falling out into the road. This road is a danger to cyclists and motorcyclists and thumping through the potholes is causing damage to cars”.

“Essex County Council are responsible for road repairs in Harlow and when I met last month with the Councillor responsible, Kevin Bentley, I took him to Northbrooks, Church Leys and spoke about Maddox Road. He accepted that these roads were in a dangerous state of disrepair and promised urgent action. Give him credit those roads have now been fixed. I did tell him however that there were other roads equally in need of repair. The Hides is clearly one of these and I have emailed him the pictures you see below. Essex have prioritised main roads, but estate roads matter too.”

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