Harlow Council leader reshuffles his cabinet with boost for moderates

News / Thu 4th Oct 2018 at 06:43am

THE LEADER of Harlow Council has reshuffled his cabinet after a number o high profile departures.

Stability and experience mark new appointments to Harlow’s Labour controlled Council

Leader of Harlow Council, Mark Ingall said today that he opted for stability and experience in appointing seasoned councillors to take on important leadership roles within the Council. The appointments were unanimously endorsed at a meeting of the Labour Group on Monday 1st October.

Cllr Ingall said today; “I am delighted that when I asked former Leader of the Council, Cllr Mark Wilkinson, a former Council Leader who has served on Harlow Council for nineteen years, to be my Deputy he agreed and that my appointment of Mark with immediate effect was unanimously supported by the Labour Group of Councillors.

“I am equally delighted that our very experienced colleague, Cllr Tony Durcan offered to put himself forward to Full Council for the important role of Mental Health Champion and as chair one of our important Cabinet Committees (the Cabinet Overview Working Group), and that again, the Labour Group endorsed this offer unanimously. These appointments will be confirmed at Full Council on 1 November and Cabinet on 18 October respectively.

“Finally, but no less importantly, Cllr Lanie Shears has agreed to take on the Portfolio for Equalities and Diversity alongside her current Portfolio. This is a big ask, but I am delighted she is up for the challenge.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have this depth of experience and on-going willingness to serve on the Labour bench and I thank Mark, Tony and Lanie in advance for their efforts which I know will be considerable. These appointments are very good news for the Council and for the town and I look forward to them stepping up when their appointments are confirmed.”

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11 Comments for Harlow Council leader reshuffles his cabinet with boost for moderates:

2018-10-04 10:35:05

Didn't take too long, did it ? About turn quicker than the Grenadier Guards, appears that this lefty has recognised that the rate of resignations would leave him on his own, before too long. Time to slow down the momentum ! People who'd been dumped are back on board, seems like a rehearsal for a Whitehall farce. Vote Labour at your PERIL.

2018-10-06 20:58:42

Yea, and i have heard that you and you team have been going around Bush fair Intimidating and bulling the residents again.

2018-10-06 21:00:41

I have that the Labour Harlow group, have been playing bully tactics with the local residents again.

2018-10-06 21:01:55

I have heard that the Labour Harlow group have been playing bully tatic with the local residents again.

2018-10-06 21:47:38

a message to Cllr Ingall and the Harlow Labour group, yes UKIP are standing and standing strong too, I would appreciate it if you don't go around telling the residents of Bush Fair that UKIP haven't put up a candidate. Which is a total lie from you and your party members. Until you know the true facts don't bother commenting. UKIP have put up a candidate and you know full well it's me, and I have the support from UKIP Harlow branch and a lot of the residents of this ward. So, as Sir Elton John famously once said, imstill standing and so are UKIP Harlow, where the Labour party are slowly collapsing, nationally, not just locally.

2018-10-06 23:55:56

Says it all with this twisted Momentum influenced Labour lot that they have to lie and cheat to con residents out of their votes. How do they know who is standing anyway when nominations don't close til next Friday (12th) for these two by Elections? Called incidentally at Harlow Residents Expense because they want to knife each other in the back! UKIP are standing in both By-Elections to give the people of Harlow real people who truly understand Public Service, not self-service or Momentum service!

2018-10-07 10:01:09

The Harlow Alliance Party announced on it's website last week that it will be contesting both Wards. Unlike the other Parties, who are in turmoil nationally and are throwing insults at each other locally, we will shortly be coming forward with positive and proactive policies to improve the lives of residents We will not be getting involved in any of the mud slinging going on.

2018-10-07 12:23:44

Tenpin, you have slung plenty of mud on this site before. So don't sit there like you are on some sort of moral highground!

2018-10-07 15:50:43

UKIP are not in turmoil. We are on the raise.

2018-10-07 16:02:09

I would suggest that Logic4u should try and distinguish between throwing mud (personal insults, sarcastic comments and downright rudeness) from criticising the policies and actions of other parties and it's Councillors. If you look back at my posts on this site during the last couple of months or so, you will find that they have centred around the following: 1 The dismissal of the views expressed by hundreds of residents to the council's plan to build on play and open spaces 2 Making public "the clear evidence for the need to relocate the hospital" 3 Agreeing with Ms McAlpine's statement that Help to Buy is a waste of public money 4 The consequences of more people from London than those from Harlow buying new homes in Harlow 5 The appalling lack of public involvement in Harlow Council's Local Plan 6 The need to build Council homes at Council homes rent levels, not affordable rent levels. 7 The lack of work HTS are carrying out on trees around the town and the fact that Labour Councillors have resorted to cutting down trees themselves. The only article actually involving an individual was the one pointing out that one of Labour's candidates was holding up a Morning Star, therefore showing where her political bed really lay. We will continue our campaign based on facts, laying out positive policies which will challenge how the other parties have been running Harlow Council in recent years.

2018-10-13 20:32:58

Egg in your face Cllr ingall. As the legend sir Alex Ferguson once said Not until you know the true facts about a situation, you keep.your mouth shut,FIRMLY shut.

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